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Quarantine Silver Linings

Sure, quarantine can be tiring, lonely, and even scary. But I think good has also come out of staying home.


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Top via Old Navy | Shorts (Size up 1) | Sandals (TTS) | Crossbody | Earrings via Natalie Borton

What week of quarantine are we on? Do you know because I lost count. I’m still in what I like to call quarantine limbo – some days I’m okay and some days I can barely keep it together. Needless to say, my emotions ebb and flow, but one thing I know I can do to put everything into perspective is to have a grateful heart.

t’s so easy to be resolved with all that is negative right now, i.e. missing out on life events, etc. But there is also good coming out of all this. People are being creative, innovative, and the way some things were done will forever be changed after this is over. It may not seem like it now but the world we once knew before Covid-19 is gone.



Let’s jump back to having a grateful heart. Today I wanted to focus on the good things that are coming out of this, the silver linings if you will! Because really, plenty of great things are happening now that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

  • Before quarantine, my house was never consistently clean. I now pick up around the house when I need a break from working throughout my day.
  • The same goes for laundry. While I still don’t fold it right away, I’m able to run a load of laundry before it becomes too much to handle.
  • While I’ll never be a full-blown crafty mom, I have been doing more crafts with the kids. We did a few spring crafts and Easter ones, too. We even tried our hand at tie-dye!
  • I’ve participated in 7 virtual 5Ks! I’m not a runner but once a week I participate in a 5K to change up my workout. It’s been great to connect with other participants around the country, too!
  • Speaking of exercise, I’ve found some great apps and IG accounts to keep my body moving during the quarantine. I plan on dedicating a separate post with how I’m staying active;)
  • I’ve become an air frying queen! In case you missed it, here are my Amazon kitchen favorites.
  • I’ve been taking daily walks. I’ve really enjoyed this time to disconnect and enjoy nature. Sometimes I chat with a friend, sometimes I listen to an audio-book, either way, I’m spending outside.
  • I chat with my girlfriends daily. Before we’d be lucky if we talked once a month but nowadays we talk at least once a day, if not more.

What are some of your silver linings?





Get the Look:

Top via Old Navy | Shorts (Size up 1) | Sandals (TTS) | Crossbody | Earrings via Natalie Borton

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