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What Are You Missing Out On?

I’ve accepted our current situation. Now it’s time to mourn what I’m losing. But life can still be lived.


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So given the current state of the nation, scratch that – the world – I think we can all agree that a lot of life events are being put on the back burner. For how long, I’m not sure? But I’m okay with what needs to be done in order to flatten the curve. However, I’m realizing more and more that we’re all morning the loss of so much. The big things and even the mundane, little things in life.

Today I thought it would be therapeutic to share some of the things that I was looking forward to, that may no longer be happening. Some things I know are definitely off the table (i.e. my 35th birthday party celebration) while other things are in limbo until we know more and things progress. But I want to urge you to do the same. Sit down and list out the events, vacations, etc. that you had scheduled for the year.



Candidly, it made me sad to see my list, to see the things I would be missing out on. However, jotting down my list also made me realize the memories I can still make with my friends and family after all of this is over. By following the ‘stay home’ mandate, we are keeping ourselves and others safe. We can still celebrate life at home, we just have to find inventive ways to do so. And any travel plans we had set, can still be taken, just later on down the road. No biggie. We’re healthy, we’re safe, and we can still live our lives.

Okay, enough rambling. Here’s my list.

  • FRIENDS themed birthday party. For my 35th bday, which is in 2 weeks, the fella and I were going to throw a joint party (his 35th birthday was 2 weeks ago). I had a running list in my notes folder on my phone with different ideas. I’m considering throwing it for my next bday.
  • Summer family travel. Last year we went on our first real family vacation to Lake Tahoe and absolutely loved it! This year we were planning on going on several mini trips, both with family friends and my in-laws Unfortunately, those trips probably won’t happen now. But there’s always next year.
  • Mother’s Day celebration. We typically go to one of those fancy hotel brunches with my in-laws. This year my favorite local takeout joint will do. Hopefully I at least get good weather.
  • Memorial Day weekend. This is probably my favorite long weekend of the year. We go to a parade and hit up the pool so much. I’m guessing the pools won’t be opening anytime soon.
  • European anniversary trip. So we haven’t actually planned this trip but we were set to go to Europe in October for our 10th wedding anniversary. Even if everything gets better, I double we’d take the trip this year. I would be weary of boarding a plan in 2020, to be honest.




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Jumpsuit c/o (TTS)  | Sandals (TTS) | Earrings via Natalie Borton

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