Staying Motivated While Social Distancing

How I’m keeping myself accountable and motivated while still practicing social distancing.


I think we can all agree that this is a weird time in history…for all of us. Staying safe and healthy in your home is the norm and a lot of typical spring activities are advised against in order to flatten the curve. I’m here for it and trying to do my part to reduce the spread of coronavirus. On top of working from home, trying to have the essentials on hand with everything that’s going on, feeding my family and making sure everyone is healthy – trying to keep my own physical health in order (and really mental) is one of my top priorities during quarantine. But with the gyms shut down, anyone else having trouble keeping their exercise motivation up right now?

Bigger picture – physical fitness isn’t really that important right now, I know that. But I also know that if I don’t move my body in some shape or form, I start to mentally break down. And then I’m no good, to anyone. This is why I’m putting my physical health at the top of my to-do list during this time. For my sanity and the sanity of those I’m hunched down with. I’ve learned over the course of the last 2 weeks that a solid sweat session outside or in my basement makes me feel more at ease with all the uncertainty.


Tips for Staying Motivated While Social Distancing

// When I make time to exercise (especially in the morning), I tend to make healthier decisions throughout my day…in all areas of my life. I’m less likely to overindulge but if I do, I don’t sweat it.

// Since I’m home, all day, I don’t really stress about pushing my workout to later in the day. Regardless, I do make sure to pencil it in on my to-do list. Carving out time for physical activity is essential in guaranteeing it gets done. Social distancing makes it so you can’t make an excuse because where do you have to be?

// Have fun! There are so many free virtual workout routines out there right now, you can try something new every day of the week! You can take up yoga, barre, go on a family walk and stop to do a couple of circuits every few miles – you choose!

// Remember, we’re all in this together. We don’t know how long it’ll last so it’s really up to you how you fill your time during the pandemic. Everyday I remind myself that I am being given the opportunity to slow down and spend time with my family without having outside forces occupy my time. So I’m filling my days with things that will keep my positive which includes physical activity.



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I thought it would also be fun to share some of my favorite activewear because, why not?! A few months ago I picked up these leggings as an attempt to try something new and less constraining than my typical legging, and I gotta say they are so comfy! They almost rival my all-time faves! Y’all already know my love for my Amazon lululemon dupe leggings. They are so good at a fraction of the cost! They are the perfect thickness without feeling heavy or suffocating. Plus they are incredibly soft and comes in tons of colors (I own 4 pairs)! And I’ve talked about these crop workout tanks before too! If you are smaller chested you won’t need to wear a sports bra as one is already built-in, but for my heavier chested ladies, I recommend the extra support. This sleeveless hoodie is one I’ve had for years and it’s still a favorite! It’s breathable and lightweight. And let’s not forget my super cool fanny pack! I love this thing because I can store my phone and house keys when I’m out on a run or a walk with the family. It’s lightweight and doesn’t budge which is a major plus. As for my go-to water bottle for workouts, nothing can beat my Camelback, NOTHING!

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