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Creating a Self Care Checklist

We’re living in uncertain times right now, and that uncertainty can take a toll on your mental health. Here are a few tips for taking control.


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We are living in strange times, my friends. Personally, I think that most of the hysteria is stemming from the fact that we’ve never experienced something like this before, so anxiety is high as stats are updated and decisions are being made on the fly. As the matriarch of my family, I’m really trying to keep calm and filter through all the noise. But like you, I’m having a hard time deciphering what’s news and what’s noise.

In dealing with such serious matters, I’m taking stock of where I am mentally pretty frequently throughout my day. If there was ever a time to practice self-care, it’s now. With everything going on, we are all being forced to pause and slow down, and I think that’s a good thing. Through these crappy circumstances, we are being given the opportunity to take care of ourselves, both mentally and physically. Today, I want to implore you to practice a little self-care, and if you don’t quite know what that is for you, here are a few ways to develop a self-care checklist.




First things first, self-care is hella personal. No two people do the same things to gain mental harmony, and that’s okay. Self-care should include any activities that involves looking after your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. For some folks that includes a day of pampering and dinner with friends. For others, it can be as easy as turning off push notifications on your phone and binge-watching The Office. Regardless of how you spend your “me time” do what brings you peace and joy.

Developing a checklist should be more about restoring mental, emotional and physical order and less of a to-do list. Think of your self-care checklist as a guide to help you take better care of yourself. Here are a few tips for creating a checklist specifically catered to your self-care:

  • Identify your non-negotiables (i.e. work, family) and prioritize scheduling time for things that bring balance and joy into your life around those. If you don’t include it as part of your daily routine, it won’t happen.
  • Set small realistic goals with how you want to spend your self-care time. For example, don’t go from not working out at all to working out 6-days a week. Instead, dedicate time for walks and once you think you’re ready to reassess, up that to a daily practice.
  • Ask yourself, “What areas in my life need more attention?” This question will answer where there might be a void that needs nurturing. This can include a checking your creativity box, stimulating your mind or calming it – identify the void and find an activity to nurture it.

It won’t be easy, and again, it won’t look like the next person’s self-care routine, but creating a little checklist you can work off of when your tank is empty is great to have on hand. In this time of uncertainty, make sure you’re taking care of your mental health and lean in to slowing down and pausing life just a little bit.





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