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Finally sharing the small goals I set for my January along with a recap + a look at my February goals!


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It’s obvious by the date that this month I didn’t necessarily partake in developing Small Goals. However, I did have a small list of goals I set for myself and I thought I’d share here because that is what I do, LOL. Also, I want to reassure you that my monthly Small Goals posts aren’t going anywhere in 2020;) This series holds me accountable to the promises I make to myself.

January Small Goals Recap

1 // Run a mile a day. I set this goal for myself last January and really enjoyed challenging and building my endurance. Since joining Orange Theory, completing a mile is now no sweat which is something I’m so proud to say! I really liked getting my mile(s) in daily but I’m excited to get that time back in the day to do something else and challenge myself in other ways.

2 // No Shop January. This is another goal I set for myself last year around this time. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw how I did, unfortunately, buy something. Specifically these Everlane jeans. However, I’m proud of the fact that I haven’t done any excessive spending this month and that was the ultimate goal. I want to be intentional about what I add to my closet and this small goal really made me think about why I wanted to buy something.




3 // Get maintenance on my car. True story – the heat in my car hasn’t worked in months and I have been suffering during my commutes for far too long. It’s ridiculous how much I really don’t care about the maintenance of my car but it got to the point that I hated driving for the sheer fact that I practically froze to death every time I got in my car. Thankfully, my appointment to get my heater fixed is set for Friday!


February Small Goals

1 // Less Shop February. Ok, so I don’t want to necessarily not shop next month, however, I also want to curb my shopping. My plan is to add anything I need/want in my closet the first few days of the month (that first weekend) and then try not to shop for the remainder of the month. A few things I want to snatch up are this graphic tee and maybe this crossbody bag.

2 // Social media detox. I spend a lot of time on my phone, it’s ridiculous. I’m hoping to spend a few days offline next month, maybe three days split up throughout the month?

3 // Blogger date. This is a goal I really tried to accomplish last year but it just never happened. I am working really hard to connect with my community and luckily there are local bloggers and influencers I have “access” to, I just need to do my part and reach out. Thankfully there are some dates set, hopefully, they happen!





Get the Look:

Jeans (TTS) | Similar Sweater | Booties (size up a full size) | Similar Coat | Bag | Earrings via Natalie Borton

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