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My 2020 Word of the Year

After experiencing a few weeks of 2020, I think I’ve landed on my Word of the Year!


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Here we are, the third Monday in 2020 and I can confidently say I’ve landed on my Word of the Year! I like to come up with a word for each year as a touchstone to keep me on track, to guide me through the year. The chosen word will be something I come back to time and time again for inspiration, comfort, and assurance. While I still do pull together monthly Small Goals (January 2020 goals coming!), I think that having a single word is a great way to capture what I may need more of, what I may need to improve on, or what I want to focus on as I move forward into 2020. It may seem corny, but to me, it’s an exciting way to set a purpose for the year ahead.

My word for 2020 is Intention. According to the dictionary, intention is described as a thing intended; an aim or plan. I chose intention because I want more of it this year. While I thrive off a routine, I tend to be spontaneous about really important things in my life. Well, even non-important things to be frank. By having intention as my anchor or encouragement for the year, I hope to use it in making decisions in 2020. Having an intention behind my decisions will hopefully help me make better life choices. I want to have intention behind how I spend my time, what I pour my effort into, how I shop, how I parent my kids…you get the picture.




In addition to sharing my Word for 2020, I thought it would be fun also breakdown how I come up with my Word of the Year. If you’d like a word and don’t have one, I prompt you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • With 2019 in mind, what is something that might want to improve on, do differently or keep working on in 2020?
  • What is something you may want more of in the new year?
  • What is something you might want less of in the new year? Make it positive!
  • Think of opposites – if you’re feeling trapped, then an alternative could be independent or free.

Coming up with a Word of the Year can sometimes be easy, but it can also require some thought. I would love to know if you have a word for 2020 and why you might have chosen it.





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