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2019 Year in Review + the Best of the Best

A jam-packed post recapping the highlights, the year’s top sellers, and you’re favorite posts of 2019!


I am just now realizing that I never did a proper Year in Review for 2018. Wow! Like, I know it was a hard year but apparently it was so hard I didn’t want to drudge up any of the memories. Looking back, that makes me sad. One of the main purposes of this here blog is to chronicle my life, the good and the bad, and I want to be able to tell my story even when it doesn’t go my way.

I’m sure it may not matter to you but I actually like looking back at recap posts at the end of each year. I have them going back as far as 2011?! Crazy I’ve been blogging that long, right? Anyways, in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, today’s 2019 Year in Review will also include the 10 Top Sellers of the year, plus the top 5 posts of the 2019! That’s a lot, so let’s jump right in!


2019 Highlights

  • I started 2019 attending Justin Timberlake’s ‘Man of the Woods’ concert and that will forever be one of my favorite things of the year!
  • I started a new job in January and I broke down all the deets in the first Life Updates post of 2019.
  • I went to Cancun…TWICE! I went in February with my job and then again in October with the hubby to celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary.
  • After a lot of back and forth, I finally kicked off the FabAve Newsletter! It’s something I’d been contemplating a lot and finally took the plunge in the fall. Are you subscribed??
  • I participating in some pretty great campaigns in 2019 and collaborated with some great brands!
  • 2019 was the year I really began working with other “influencers”. The Style Session series over on Instagram is something readers/followers are really enjoying, and personally I love doing them. What makes them better is when I get to partner with other awesome influencers!
  • Our first family trip to Lake Tahoe was epic and something I hope to remember forever. This trip also made me realize that I want to have experiences like travel with the kids.
  • I was able to take a Girls Trip and wrote all about the importance of making it an annual thing.
  • We celebrated little man’s 3rd birthday and Remy’s 6th birthday!
  • I transitioned to curly hair after relaxing it straight for 2 decades… then I cut all my hair off?!


Top 5 Posts of 2019

5. 4 Products Worth Your Money During the Sephora Summer Sale

4. The Home Improvement Product that Simplified my Life (sponsored)

3. What I got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

2. How to Style: Black Tights

1. A Kids Snack Idea with PAW Patrol™ String Cheese (sponsored)

2019 top sellers

2019 Top 10 Sellers

  1. Madewell Skinny Jeans – I bought these towards the end of 2018 and wore them to death last year. Enough so that y’all loved them too! I recommend sizing down 1.
  2. Apple Watch Band – I get asked about my Apple Watch band at least twice a week, she’s a big hit. For $12 I don’t blame you!
  3. CUPSHE Lush Leaves Print One-Piece Swimsuit – I’m pretty sure this suit made the Top Seller list at least 4 or 5 times in 2019.
  4. Amazon dress – This was another item that made the list several months last year. It’s comfortable, nursing friendly, can be worn year around with the right styling, and it comes in tons of prints!
  5. Amazon Carpet – I don’t know why I’m surprised that my favorite rug made the cut. An 8×10 at a reasonable price is hard to be, I guess!
  6. Amazon Leggings – Yeah, I get it, these are amazing! I have them in several colors and prints. They are the perfect high-waist compression legging.
  7. Travel Packing Cubes – Once I shared about these bad boys over the summer, they were a big hit! A lot of y’all grabbed yourself a set or two:)
  8. Makeup Bag – Yes! Such a great travel make-up case but I use it to hold my everyday arsenal.
  9. Amazon Nightgown Dress – This dress went viral in 2019 and for good reason! Tons of different prints at a great price point – winning!
  10. Wireless Headphones – Apparently y’all would rather not spend a fortune on wireless headphone either, huh!? I love my headphones and rock ’em to the gym day in and day out with no trouble. I’ve had mine for a year now and they are still great.

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