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2019 Small Goals Recap


Here we are, the beginning of another year. Let’s recap all of 2019 Small Goals, shall we?

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Every year I typically share my resolutions for the new year. Last year, in an attempt to really zero into my goals and stay focused, I started the Small Goals series adapted by something Nicole shared when she was blogging regularly. The concept around Small Goals is that each month I set 5 goals for myself, and by the month’s end, the focus is on completing them. Some goals were as simple as taking my daily supplements, while others were more of a challenge. At the start of each month, I revisited the previous month’s goals and provided an update and then shared the small goals for the next month. Here’s a look at a few of 2019’s Small Goals…

In January I challenged myself to clean out my closet, ran and/or walked a mile a day, and snuck in one date night, to name a few. I also tried to stick to a $100 budget for the month which was a fail for the entire year as that was my one and only standing goal for 2019. February was all about adulting. I set out to schedule doctor’s appointments, complete some career-focused tasks, and to participate in a 10×10 wardrobe challenge. I’m happy to have actually stuck to my $100 budget and read up on some marketing articles to build up my skillset. For March, I really wanted to schedule those doctor appointments I never did in February, and did, as well as completed a 10×10 challenge! April was more about planning Kevin’s birthday, transitioning to my spring wardrobe, and a top-secret project I couldn’t share in case it didn’t happen. Kevin’s birthday included sneaking away for a night, sans kids, and enjoy time as just us; I got rid of a ton of stuff during my closet cleanout, and the top-secret project was moving back into our townhouse after renting it out for 2 years.




In May I really wanted to ask a fellow blogger out for coffee as I’d put it as a Small Goal for a few months and it never happened (happened but we had to keep rescheduling). I also set out to unpack and reorganize the house after the move (this got done!) as well as sign Remy up for summer camps since the hubby and I work full-time (check!). June was all about trying to get back on track with my $100 shopping budget, decluttering and purging the kid’s closets, and taking on a squat challenge. Thankfully I did declutter and did complete the squat challenge, but unfortunately sticking to my budget was a no go. For July my main focus was the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, developing a budget and sticking to it. I also wanted to reach out to brands to partner and plan out travel content. The NSale goals were more or less accomplished and the same goes for the travel content but reaching out to brands was a no go.

August was about planning Theo’s 3rd birthday party, finally writing and sharing my hair transition post, and trying to reach out to brands…again. Theo’s birthday was planned (and a success), I did publish the hair post, and I reached out to three brands and was able to partner with one! In September my goals included finishing Little Women, submitting a claim for my missing Apple Watch, and editing my closet. I finished the book which prompted my classic novels challenge, I submitted the Apple Watch claim and, in transit back to me, it got lost…again, and I reorganized my closet, again. October was the month for planning my shopping budget for the remainder of the year, making my first chili crockpot of the season, and unpacking my winter wardrobe. Well, the budgeting did not happen but I did make chili and transition my closet for winter. In November realized I had burned myself out. Instead of tackling five Small Goals, I kept it simple to three manageable ones. For the month all I wanted to do was partake in at least one fall festivity, start contributing to my gratitude journal and bake an apple pie with Remy. Thankfully I was able to conquer two out of the three goals.



December’s focus was about purging and editing down my closet, yet again, reading one book in the bible, finally meeting up with a blogger for some one-on-one time, and enjoying the holiday season. I had a nice Christmas and spent plenty of time with my family and I actually tackling my closet on NYE, but as far as the other goals, they kind of took a back seat last month. But that’s okay. One thing I learned during last year’s set oof Small Goals is that I have to give myself some grace, otherwise I’m going to tailspin into a bad headspace like I did back in October.

I’m still contemplating with the idea if I’m going to be bringing back the Small Goals series for 2020. Personally, I liked the challenge of crossing something off my list for the month, plus the idea that I’m actually getting tasks that need to get done completed. However, after Octobers flub and the pressure to “cross off my list”, I’m scared of burning out, yet again. I don’t know. It’s definitely something I’m going to noodle on for the next few weeks. Regardless, I sure hope you enjoyed the series in 2019! Happy New Year, my friends!


Get the Look:

Turtleneck (TTS) | Thrifted Jacket | Denim (size down) | Sneakers (TTS) | Earrings via Natalie Borton

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