My Favorite Curly Hair Must Haves

Spilling the deets on the 6 curly girl tools every curly gal should have in her curl arsenal! 

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In case you haven’t noticed, I did the “big chop” a few weeks ago. It wasn’t planned, but it happened and I surprisingly haven’t looked back! For those of you that might not be familiar with the term “big chop”, it’s when someone cuts off all the damaged or over-processed hair.

As I navigate this new hairstyle and my natural hair journey, my hope is to share content that would be helpful for women who are going through the same process and not sure where to begin. As I’m sure y’all can tell, I’m no expert, but I’m diligent with my research and have no qualms reaching out to my curl expert for advice which I’m relaying to you;) For today’s post, I thought it would be fun to share the products and tools that a must-have in my curly girl handbook. Some items might be obvious, sure, but to me all are necessary. So without further adieu…

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My Favorite Curly Hair Must-Haves

  • Satin Bonnet – I’ve spoken about a satin bonnet before and have no issues repeating myself – regardless of hair type, a satin bonnet (or pillow) is a great way to prevent hair breakage. It protects your hair from damaging surfaces, reduces frizz, and prevents split ends. This is especially true for my curl friends.
  • Universal Diffuser – Y’all this is a game-changer for my curly girls! I couldn’t recommend a hair diffuser enough! Since I’ve started using this diffuser my hair is less frizzy, plus it keeps me from going outside with super wet hair. I typically use this until my hair is 75% dry and then call it a day.
  • Pattern Beauty Shower Brush – I love this brush for detangling my curls. Made specifically for curly girls, this brush is magic! I love how sturdy it is, especially when I have knots. Personally, I’ve noticed that my curls have looked bouncier since I’ve started using this brush.
  • Tangle Teezer – This is another brush I really like using with my curly hair. I specifically use this one when I brush my hair out of the shower when it’s damp or dry.
  • DevaTowel – This microfiber towel is one of the first curly hair purchases I made when I went natural. Regular terry-cloth towels promote frizz, especially for curly hair, so having a microfiber towel helps combat frizz. Plus the fabric is said to keep curls in tack which is a must.
  • Continuous Spray Bottle – A tip my curl expert shared with me that I was unaware of – applying products while your hair is still sopping wet is a MUST. Who knew!? So, if I need a little extra moisture when I’m applying products, this bottle is my best friend. I was using a regular pump spray bottle and I got hand cramps after a short while. This bottle dispenses an aerosol-like spray, allowing for a consistent, even spray.

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