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December Small Goals + November Recap

You know the drill – new month, new goals! Recapping November goals and taking a look at the ones for December!


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It’s finally December, yay yay yay! I can’t believe we’re so close to 2020, the idea of the New Year blows my mind. And how is it already the holiday season?! While I’m not the biggest fan of all the stress that usually comes with this time of the year, I do love all the festivities that come with it. Not to mention the outfits! I live for a good theme! Ok, let me stop my yapping and get right to it!




November Recap:

1. Partake in 1 fall festivity/activity. Yes, October was brutal which is why I wanted to redeem myself and actually enjoy my favorite season of the year! Thankfully the fam and I were able to enjoy a glorious Sunday at one of our favorite fall festivals, on the last day no less. It was exactly what the doctor ordered, plus it gave me a different outlook on my life.

2. Bake an apple pie! I am happy to report that this actually got done! Remy and I enjoyed some girl time while baking an apple pie a few weeks back for our annual Friendsgiving dinner in West Virginia. It was so good, the pie didn’t make it through the night. Remy had so much fun making it I already snagged up more apple for us to make another one this coming weekend!

3. Gratitude journal. Okay, okay. While I didn’t stick to this goal to the letter, I did get a few entries in for November. I’m really hoping to keep that up, even if it’s not a daily ritual.


December Small Goals:

Upping my goals for the month by only one for December. I liked the fact that I could take some of the pressure off last month, so I’m keeping it under five again.

1. Clean out my closet. I feel like I have this on my list every few months, which makes sense. With the start of a new season, it’s only natural to start fresh. I think I actually had this goal down in September or October, so this may be jumping the gun but I’m hoping to start off 2020 with a closet that reflects a new perspective.
2. Read one book in the bible. This is hokie, I know, but if I ever want to say I’ve read the entire bible, I might as well start somewhere. Right? I think I’m going to start with one of the gospels.
3. Blogger date. I’ve had this goal a few times throughout 2019 and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t happened. This will be the month I actually meet up with a local blogger/influencer and just hang and connected on this thing we both do and enjoy!
4. Enjoy the holiday season. This could be a hella stressful time for not just me, but everyone. I want to leave the drama at the door and enjoy this time of the year. Having kids makes this month all the more enjoyable so I want to take advantage and do ALL THE THINGS, but also be okay if I can’t. We are hoping to hit up Zoo Lights this weekend and Remy and I have a date to watch The Nutcracker, a tradition we started last year and we hope to continue on.





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