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November Small Goals + October Recap

Let’s catch up and recap last month’s goals, plus take a look at what I’ve got in store for November.


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Dress | Moto Jacket (fit is TTS)Tote | Booties | Earrings

Wow, as I was recapping last month’s goals, I saw how much of a failure I was in October. I know I shouldn’t look at it that way, especially after the events of the last few weeks, but wow. Hindsight 20/20, my lack of mental stability may have been a huge factor in my drive, or lack thereof, in accomplishing my goals last month. But I’m fairly optimistic or at least trying to be, for November and the remainder fo the year! Did that seem as forced as it really was?

October Recap:

1. Actually plan out a spending budget for the remainder of the year. I should give up at this point. There are less than 60 days left of the year and I haven’t gotten my act together when it comes to budgeting. I’m a disgrace to myself, trust me I know. Here’s a peek at what I purchased in October:




2. Social media cleanout. So I kinda did this but I didn’t complete this goal in its entirety so I feel like it can’t be crossed off. I unfollowed account on Instagram that didn’t bring me joy but I did not update my bio info across all my social accounts and I definitely didn’t tackle Pinterest. I know that Pinterest can be a game-changer in the blogging world but it’s a beast to handle and I need to really carve out time to pin my little heart out.

3. An attitude of gratitude! I wish I’d really kept up with this one. Last month I got a Gratitude Journal off Amazon and kept it up for a few days but then fell off the wagon. This would have been helpful when I was struggling to find the good in my life.

4. Make chili and bake an apple pie! I’m only crossing this off because I doubt I’ll ever make an apple pie again but I did make chili! I through everything in a crockpot and even took it to work for lunch, it was delicious!

5. Unpack winter clothes/sweaters. Done and done! 

November Smalls Goals:

This month I’m going to keep it to 3 goals. All I have to aim to accomplish is 3 goals. I don’t want to put immense pressure on myself to cross off 5 life-changing accomplishments, there’s no need for that. I want to keep it simple because that’s what I need right now.

1. Partake in 1 fall festivity/activity. So last month we didn’t hit up a pumpkin patch as I’d hoped. The weekend I had my meltdown, I’d been stressing on the fact that we hadn’t visited any of our favorite haunts and it still pains me we didn’t get to do any of it in October. We didn’t even get to carve pumpkins. This month I just want to do one fall activity. I don’t know what it is yet but it’s happening!

2. Bake an apple pie! After some thought, I do want to bake that damn apple pie! This is something I want to do with Remy, too! She loves to help out in the kitchen, but it always stresses me out because of mess. I don’t want to focus on the mess, I want to focus on the process and spending time with my girl.

3. Gratitude journal. While last month’s attempt might have been a wash, I really want to pick it back up again. I need a tether I can look back on when I need to see the good.





Get the Look:

Dress | Moto Jacket (fit is TTS)Tote | Booties | Earrings

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