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3 Reasons Why You Should Take A Girls Trip

Because having time to relax is rare, here’s why you need to schedule your next weekend getaway with your girlfriends!


I am a month out since returning from the epic long weekend with my girls and I’m still reveling in the feeling from that much-needed gal time! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again (and again, and again): every woman needs a girl’s weekend. That time with your girlfriends is good for the soul! Our fall get-together, which is planned to be an annual thing, was nothing short of necessary for each and every one of us. Whether we were stepping away from our spouses, our kiddos, hectic jobs, or daily responsibilities, we met with no expectations but to rejoice in each others’ company.

On the agenda for my girl’s trip was nothing besides a few planned dinners, a breakfast feast, some winery hopping, and a lazy spa night. Basically, exactly how a girls getaway should be! While I miss my family dearly during these types of trips (generally 2 nights/3 days max), I recognize the importance of spending one-on-one, quality time with my friends to keep bonds strengthened.

So because I’m missing my ladies, today I wanted to share 3 reasons why you should take an annual girl’s trip! I really hope this encourages you to text/call/DM your circle of besties and begin planning a trip of your own. Whether it’s this winter, sometime next spring or summer – a girl’s trip is a must!


3 Reasons Why You Should Take A Girls Trip

  1. Much needed time to lounge and relax. You don’t really know it until you actually experience it, but a weekend without any major responsibilities is so much needed. You come back to your responsibilities clear-headed and refreshed, all of which helps you be a better version of yourself.


2. Strengthening connections. I don’t know about you, but I rarely get to see my girlfriends as often as I did before kids. Even picking up the phone and chatting it up with my bestie is infrequent. That’s why dedicating a day, or even a weekend, with your girls does wonders for your friendships. You get a chance to catch up and reminisce.


3. You forget your age. Whenever I get together with my girls, it’s as if no time has passed! I tend to act like the silly, loud 22-year old I was in college, and thankfully, so do my girlfriends. I think our souls need a little goofiness every now and again – that’s how we stay young – and a girl’s trip allows for that type of behavior.


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