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Fitness FAQ + My Favorite Active Wear

Answering some of your frequently asked fitness questions + sharing my favorite gear!


If you follow me on socials or have been a longtime reader, then you are well aware that I am a gym rat! I love working out, it recharges me both physically and mentally. I look forward to a good sweat sesh almost every day, even at 5 a.m. and in the past two years, I’ve made physical fitness a priority. It’s part of my self-care routine and sometimes the only “me time” I have in my daily life.

Because exercise is something I take pretty seriously and often share a behind the scenes look at my sessions on IG, I often get questions. For today’s blog post, I thought I’d answer those questions, from what I eat to what I do, and everything in between. I’m also sharing some of my favorite workout gear!


Leggings | Similar Vest | Similar Long-sleeve Tee | Sneakers

Where do you get your workouts? 

Like I mentioned above, I often share brief circuit exercises to try and maybe motivate y’all to get moving, too. I even created a highlight on my Instagram. I’m not a certified personal trainer, by any means, but I do enjoy sharing my workouts. I usually get my gym workouts from another influencer or a personal training session I’ve taken in the past. Sometimes exercises come from Youtube videos I’ve seen – it’s all basically a jumbled hodgepodge of what I’ve seen/done in my past. I typically just put exercises that work out the same muscle to target a specific area.

What keeps you motivated?

To be honest, a lot of different things motivate me to stay active. The way my clothes fit, my mental clarity, my kids, my health, Jennifer Lopez looking the way she does at 50 – it all keeps me wanting to push my body regularly during the week!

Sometimes the simple act of getting new, cute workout gear pushes me to hit the gym! Personally, I like leggings that are high waist and have compression at the waist. My Amazon leggings have become a major go-to, especially at the price (I own 3 pair!) but I also love Fabletics!

My Favorite Workout Gear:


What is your diet/nutrition plan?

I really don’t have a specific diet or nutrition plan, I don’t really have the willpower for that type of thing. I’m also someone that doesn’t believe in quick-fix diets, it’s either a healthy lifestyle change or nothing. I’ve suffered from an eating disorder in my past and I can’t mentally put myself back in that place, I refuse to. Candidly, diets plunge me back into that type of mentality, and add my depression and anxiety and that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

When I look at food I see it as fuel. There aren’t necessarily “bad” or “good” foods but I know the ways certain foods make me feel and I try to avoid ones that make me feel sluggish or bloated. Do I cut them out completely, hell no! I love food and would rather not restrict or deprive myself.

However, I do follow intermittent fasting where I stop eating by 7 p.m. and don’t eat my next meal until the 16-hour mark. I do this every couple of days, maybe three times a week tops. When I do, I definitely drink a protein smoothie those mornings, my coffee and plenty of water.

I also should know that I do take pre-workouts. If you aren’t familiar, pre-workouts are supplements that contain ingredients that are intended to give a sudden boost of energy. I love this one because you get the caffeine boost from green tea and green coffee extracts. This comes in handy for my 5 a.m. workouts!

How often do you exercise?

I typically workout 5-6 times a week. Right now I’m doing Orange Theory twice a week and hit up Planet Fitness the other days. I’m really enjoying OT, it’s so addicting! I prefer to be coached and told what to do when it comes to my fitness, and Orange Theory does just that! I also love that it’s pushing me out of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to running and endurance. Fitness-wise I don’t tend to excel at endurance so OT has been a good challenge.

At Planet Fitness I switch between strength training, core exercises and the Stairmaster. I love lifting weights and it has really done wonders to my body tone. I’ve noticed that I prefer to be in a gym/group fitness type setting than working out alone. I tried working out at home one day and it was a suckfest.

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