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3 Tips for Getting Your Kids Ready in the Morning Without a Fight

Sharing the tips and tricks that help me conquer the morning with two littles.


Don’t quote me on this, but I think I’ve mastered (I throw that term around loosely) getting my kids out the door in the morning with minimal frustration to all parties. Theo isn’t really a hassle since he doesn’t have a say in what he wears from day to day, but Remy, on the other hand, can be a challenge. Homegirl has her own style and her own opinions, and you better believe she has no problem speaking her mind.

From much trial and error, I think Remy and I have come to an agreement when it comes to getting dressed for a school day. Together we’ve set requirements that appease both of our expectations.

Outfit Requirements:

  • Clothes have to be weather appropriate (amendment made by mom)
  • Clothes have to be comfortable (amendment made by both parties)
  • Clothes have to be fun (amendment made by Remy)


3 Tips for Getting Your Kids Ready in the Morning Without a Fight

  1. Pick outfit at night and layout for the next morning. This is a simple tip that makes all the difference. Right before bed, Remy and I go through her closet and pick out her outfit for the next day. Once we decide on something that is weather appropriate, comfortable for the next day’s activities, and fun, I lay them out on her dresser for her to get dressed when I give her the signal in the morning.
  2. Have options. The night before we also an alternative outfit. Maybe we include some of the same pieces but we also pull different shoe options.
  3. Have multiples of favorite items on hand. If you haven’t noticed already when Remy likes something, I buy multiples. It’s one of my smart mom hacks. I buy multiples in different prints and patterns, this way we encounter fewer arguments when we pick outfits.

At the end of the day, you just have to remember that it’s okay if your child doesn’t look picture perfect. It’s not the end of the world if their clothes don’t match perfectly. Did you’re kid get themselves ready,  on time, and without a fight? That’s a win and there’s not much else that should matter. Trust me, it’s taken me years to learn this incredibly humbling lesson.


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