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October Smalls Goals + September Recap

You know the drill. A recap of last month’s Small Goals along with an overview of what I’ve got planned for October.


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Dress (in yellow) | Similar Cardigan | Tote | Sandals | Earrings

And my favorite month has arrived! I talked about why October is my favorite here, but I seriously have some plans for this month. You know, make it as special as I possibly can! I’m headed to Cancun later this month with the hubby for our annual anniversary trip, so I think that’s a good kickoff to the month, don’t you think? Ok, ok, shall we jump into recapping the Small Goals for last month now?

September Recap:

1. Plan out a spending budget for the remainder of the year. Yeah, this didn’t happen. I started breaking down my bills but then saw something shiny…my shopping for September was tamed but still, there shouldn’t have been any. Here’s what I picked up last month:

2. Clean out and organize closet. Yay, so happy I can cross this goal off my list! I completed this between a few days, taking about an hour every other day to assess whether or not I wanted an item. I created a pretty epic pile and dropped it off to a donation center. I still need to pull out my fall items and store away my summer pieces, but since I’ll be heading to Cancun later this week, I kinda need my summer clothes.



3. Finish reading Little Women and watch the 1994 movie. Done and done! The book started off a little slow but I really ended up liking it! The movie was okay, not my favorite, but I’m happy I can say I’ve watched and read the book.

4. Finally submit a claim for my Apple watch. If y’all knew the hoops I’ve had to jump through to get this claim going, gah!? Long story short, I got an email from Apple just before submitting everything stating that they found my watch and that they’ll be shipping it back to me. I got the package with only the straps but no watch. Now I’m dealing with that ordeal.

5. Make chili and bake an apple pie! So I can’t cross this one off my list, unfortunately. Truthfully, I completely forgot about this goal. I’m thinking of rolling it over…


October Small Goals:

1. Actually plan out a spending budget for the remainder of the year. I’m hoping to sit with my numbers guy (i.e. my husband) during our Cancun vacay to discuss budge for the rest of the year. This will be an uninterrupted time where we can really chat, with a view!

2. Social media cleanout. I really want to go through all of my social accounts, but specifically Instagram, and unfollow accounts that don’t inspire or bring me joy. Just like my friendship post, why keep negative accounts around? For this goal, I also want to update my bios and photos consistently across my social accounts. Lastly, I want to tackle Pinterest again!



3. An attitude of gratitude! I recently picked up this Gratitude Journal off Amazon and want to make it a daily habit to look at my day and truly be grateful for tiny moments that brought joy.

4. Make chili and bake an apple pie! Trying it again! I make a mean chili and have always wanted to make apple pie so now’s my chance!

5. Unpack winter clothes/sweaters. Now that my closet is cleaned out and organized, it’s time to unpack my winter sweaters and gear. I’m going to wait until after Cancun, but once I’m back I’m going to finally pack away my summer clothes and assess my winter goodies.



Get the Look:

Dress (in yellow) | Similar Cardigan | Tote | Sandals | Earrings

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