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31 Must-Read Classic Novels as Chosen by You

Challenging myself to read 24 classic novels in the next year. Will you be joining me?


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A few weeks ago, over on Instagram Stories, I confessed that I hadn’t read many of the classic novels most people read in high school. After seeing the new trailer for Little Women, I knew instantly I wanted to watch it when it came out but realized I hadn’t read the book yet. Usually, if a book is adapted into a movie, I force myself to read the novel before watching the movie, so with Little Women, I knew what needed to be done. An Audible download later, 4 days and countless hours sitting in traffic, and I finished the book! I later rewarded myself by watching the 1994 release of the movie starring Winona Ryder.




I got to thinking, why don’t I take a year to educate myself on the “classic” books most people read in their lifetime, many of which are favorites across the board? If I could “read” Little Women in a matter of days, and love it, what’s stopping me from reading more? Then and there, I challenged myself to read XX amount of classic novels within the next 365 days.

I posted on Instagram Stories asking for your input on classic novels to add on my list. I got so many recommendations, it was overwhelming in the best way possible! Below I listed all of your suggestions – 31 books. I put one asterisk on the books that I’m adding to my personal list (24) and two asterisks on one’s I’ve read prior to this mission (3). In theory, I can read two books a month and accomplish my mission, but depending on interest level I foresee having trouble finishing some of the ones added to my personal list.

So, who’s joining me?





Get the Look:

Tank | Similar Denim Jacket | Midi Skirt | Similar Oxfords | Bag

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