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Living in the In-Between

Living in the in-between of seasons – not quite summer, not yet fall.


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This is one of those dresses I always consider donating/selling but then convince myself I can style it up again in a new and inventive way. A few weekends ago that’s just what I did! I’ve now worn this floral stunner in the fall, the winter and summer, and by the looks of it, I think I’ll be rocking it yet again when the temperatures drop. Maybe paired under a chunky knit? Here’s a similar option that gives off the same moody, floral vibe!




We’re still technically in the throngs of summer. This is the time of the year when I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m ready for fall but Mother Nature just won’t let me be great with her 85-degree weather. So I settle for something like this – living in the in-between. This is what I wore to church a few weeks ago but you can see how I slightly transformed the look for sightseeing in the city with some coworkers later the same day, here. The power of switching up a few accessories, my friends.

To end, I wanted to share a tip for conjuring fall vibes even if the temps don’t say so. My tip – opt for a fall color palette. While this outfit doesn’t necessarily scream fall, it does give off enough hints of fall that it’s perfect for this in-between time. Maroon dress, mustard earrings, and the cognac sandals – fall vibes in a summer outfit – et viola! Here are a few more tips for prepping your closet for fall when it’s still hot out.





Get the Look:

Similar Dress | Sandals | Bag | Natalie Borton Earrings

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