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September Small Goals + August Recap

Here we are, September! It’s time to look ahead at the month and reflect on August.


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It’s a new month and know what that means Small Goals!? I can’t believe we are closer to the end of the year than we are to the beginning. I feel like I ask the rhetorical question, “where has the year gone?” every Small Goals post. But seriously, WHERE?!

The best part of the year is approaching and I can’t contain my excitement! Fall is almost here and I can feel the crisp air coming, pumpkin flavored everything, and the excitement that the season brings. I’m one of the weirdos that prefers fall over the holiday and I doubt that will ever change. We always commit to so much in the fall and I don’t care one bit. Our September is already really jam-packed and that makes me so giddy! Okay, without further adieu here’s a recap for my August goals along with a look ahead at what I’ve got planned for September.

DSC_0365August Recap:

1. Stay within my $100 shopping budget. Are you getting tired of me telling you month after month that I failed completely at staying within my $100 shopping budget? Because I am. To be completely candid, I don’t even know what I can be doing to avoid spending tons of money on things I don’t need. Maybe coming up with an actual plan of attack is the trick?

2. Plan Theo’s 3rd birthday party. Done! Sure, I might have waited until 2 weeks before the party but it got done and that’s a win all on its own. The big day is this coming Saturday! I’m hoping to snap some pictures and sharing a little recap here, we’ll see.




3. Write and publish my hair transition post. I’m so happy I got this done! In case you missed it, you can read all about the transitioning process here + the products I use to keep my curly hair healthy.

4. Reach out to 3 brands to collaborate. So I didn’t directly complete this goal but did do a version of it. I submitted a few campaign request forms via the blogger/influencer community site I use to work with brands. I heard back from 2 brands, I got one campaign and got rejected for the other. Wish me luck on the third opp!

5. Have 1 social media free day. I actually completed this goal on Saturday. Yep, I waiting until the last minute but the goal got completed so hooray! Not gonna lie, it was super hard but I feel like this is something I should do at least once a month.


September Small Goals:

1. Plan out a spending budget for the remainder of the year. Hear me out here. I’m ditching the $100 monthly budget and assessing my finances for the rest of the year to come up with a real plan of attack. I’m hoping that maybe I can snap myself into responsibility.

2. Clean out and organize closet. This is usually easier said than done but I’d like to dedicate a weekend to Marie Kondo my wardrobe and really purge. I’m going to wait till it cools off a little because with organizing my closet comes also means packing away summer clothes and busting out the sweaters!

3. Finish reading Little Women and watch the 1994 movie. The trailer for this year’s version of Little Women came out and I was intrigued, so much so I decided to read the book and watch the 1994 Blockbuster with Winona Ryder before the movies comes out. This then prompted a year goal to read the ‘classics’ but I’ll share more about that in another post.



4. Finally submit a claim for my Apple watch. So a few months ago my Apple watch stopped working and when I went to send it out to get fixed it disappeared in thin air. Apple is saying it never got sent out and the post office is saying it was. I’ve been so annoyed with the whole process that I kinda gave up. But I’m not letting that money go to waste, so I’m hoping to submit my claim with the post office to resolve the damn issue once and for all.

5. Make chili and bake an apple pie! This may seem silly but food is important in my life and in my house. I make a mean chili, same goes with a cheddar corn bread that pairs perfectly with the chili. I’m also not the biggest baker and want to push myself to make an apple caramel pie with a fancy crust.



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