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Look at me, I blogged! Trust me, I’m as surprised as you are. But I guess I blogged on Friday (did you miss that post? Check it out here!), however, this is the first outfit post in some time. A huge thank you to the OG followers that kept visiting the site while I was away. And if you’re new here, thanks for stopping by! Please make yourself comfortable and stay a while!

So today’s post is going to be more of a rambling life updates type post. Those posts are fun because they’re unpredictable but also it’s me rambling on about anything and everything which can be annoying. I guess annoying it is today, huh?! Fitting for a Monday. So let’s see, what do I have to share with y’all?




Random point #1: I’m pretty sure I’m ready to dive into fall. Gah, I hate saying that mid-summer, especially because bloggers are notorious for zooming past seasoning and jumping into the “next”. But I’m ready for cool fall mornings, fall clothing (duh), and all the fall activities.

Random point #2: I have dinner plans this week with a few of my cousins and I couldn’t be more excited! We’re hitting up Inca Social, located in Vienna, and the food is legit, not to mention the cocktails! Plus, the atmosphere is fun and unique, it’s like chillin’ in the city but not having to deal with traffic. Win win!

Random point #3: I’m on the lookout for the perfect fall booties. I have a heeled pair from last fall that will do me good next season but I’m specifically looking for a flat pair. Right now these are looking promising but should I get them in brown or taupe?

Random point #4: Summer is slowly coming to a close (not really), and I really want to end it with a bang. I plan on hitting the pool with the kids as much as possible, dinners out with friends, maybe a drive up to Rehobeth. What do you guys think would be fun summer activities?

Ok, I’m pretty sure that’s all the rambling y’all can take for one day. Did you make it through the post, I sure hope you did! I could really use your input;)




Get the Look:

Top | Shorts | Sneakers | Similar Bag | Sunglasses


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