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Happy 6th Birthday, My Remy Girl!

As is tradition on this blog, this is my yearly letter to my baby girl on her birthday.


I officially have a 6-year-old 1st grader and I don’t know what to do with myself?! SIX. When the heck did that happen?! I am beside myself that my tiny human is a real person of her own. And I don’t mean that lightly in the slightest. Remy is the most strong-willed child I know, and while she challenges me daily in this phase of life, I know that down the road it’ll do my girl good.

I love that her favorite color is rainbow and she can tell you the official color order if you ask her. She loves all things unicorns and would prefer to wear a dress every day of the week. She is reading like a champ and even scored above her reading level at school. To my surprise, especially because I’m the worst speller I know, homegirl is an excellent speller. We like to quiz her during dinner, asking her to spell words like plate, pineapple, and knife.


This year she really got into soccer and did really well at participating in games versus the previous year when she would sit down and watch. She applied the skills the coach taught her and even scored a few goals during the season! Like her mama, homegirl loves the outdoors and enjoys being outside over staying indoors. She’s getting better at swimming and is no longer afraid of jumping into the pool.

Like I mentioned before, academically Remy knocked it out of the park for her first year in school. Emotionally, I think being the youngest kid in your class was difficult for her, especially because she’s so smart. She’d finish assignments ahead of classmates and then would become disruptive and often times was put to sit by herself. Because she’s so smart, often times I forget that she’s only a 5 year old (now six) and have to check myself when I expect more of her than what she understands as a child. That’s our biggest obstacle at home but something we are all really working on.


Happy 6th birthday, my Remy girl! While we are constantly at each other’s throats, in this stage in life, I sure hope you’re able to remember the sweet moment’s over the yelling, LOL. You are passionate,  quick-witted, and a great storyteller! It’s such an honor to be part of your life because I know one day you’ll change the world. I truly believe that. I am so happy to be your mama and I hope that every day you know I love you!

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