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Lake Tahoe Packing List

While I haven’t officially finalized my packing list, here’s an idea of the items that’ll definitely be making the trip out west to Lake Tahoe with me and the family! 


I keep mentioning that the fam and I are heading west to Lake Tahoe soon and I don’t know if you can tell but I’M EXCITED! I’ve taken plenty of beach trips in my day but I’ve never done the lake so I’m eager for something different to add to my list. I’m also excited for time away from work and everyday responsibilities, plus I’m in major need of some R&R. Granted, the trip includes my tiny humans, so there’s only so much lounging I’ll be able to do, but I am ready for it nonetheless!

To be completely candid with y’all, my packing list is all over the place. Since I don’t really know what to expect, I’m packing for all the scenarios possible. I’m an over-packer through and through, it’s in my nature. Right now I’m working on paring down my suitcase into obvious must-haves, and then adding a few statement pieces here and there. Because I know how annoyingly hard it can be to pack for a trip like this, I thought it would be fun to share what I plan on packing for our trip to Lake Tahoe, California!
Lake Tahoe packing list


Chambray all the way! I’m bringing both a short-sleeve one and a long sleeve one. I’m also packing the perfect summer sweater which may sound contradictory but it isn’t when the forecast says under 60 degrees at night.


Denim shorts are a must, and my favorites are making it cross-country with us for sure. I’ll also be packing these shorts I recently purchased on sale, if not only for the fact that they are a fun color. These too! And this skirt will act as both a coverup and a potential date night contender.

Dresses & Jumpsuits:

I love that this dress can work for both the lake as a coverup and dinner out with the family. This is another dress I plan on wearing double duty because it can easily be paired on top of a swimsuit with some birks or paired with sneakers and a straw hat.

Shoes & Accessories:

Two of my ultimate must-have for any and all trips is definitely a denim jacket and comfy sneakers. Without a doubt, I’m packing both my straw crossbody and this new belt bag I can sling over my shoulder for hiking. Also, this fun swimsuit will totally be coming west with me, mom-friendly and cute! And for added sun protection, I’ve got to include my trusty hat which I’m sure I’ll be wearing the entire time we’re in Tahoe. And lastly, I’m admitting to recently purchasing these sandals for all-around comfort.

Workout Gear:

Because there will be plenty of hiking, you better believe I’m packing cute workout clothes! My favorite tanks are definitely going to be making the trip, along with the infamous Amazon leggings (worth the hype) and this cute pair from Fabletics. Oh, and my wireless headphones, duh!

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