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July Small Goals + June Recap

A recap of my May goals along with a look at what’s on the docket for July!


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And just like that, half the year is behind us. WHAT?! Are you in as much shock as I am that we’re in July? The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is only 11 days away, school openings are about to kickoff, and Christmas is less than 6 months away – what is happening!? I digress tho because late next week the fam and I are hopping on a plane and heading west to Lake Tahoe! Expect tons of pictures over on Instagram and plenty of travel content upon my return. But until then, let’s dive into a recap of the June Small Goals.

June Recap:

1. Stick to $100 shopping budget. WOW. I’ve never been so disappointed in my lack of will-power. I stunk at sticking to my budget for June. Like, really bad! I shopped in excess last month and my justification to myself was the impending family vacation. That’s not a legitimate excuse, and really, nothing is. A few things I picked up this past month:

2. Ask a blogger on a date. So I moved on from my rejection from May and asked another local blogger to coffee. She agreed but was going out of town so we planned on reconnecting once she returned. Well, we both forgot and the blogger date never happened. This one’s on me.

3. Take an online class/seminar. I really want to grow my skills when it comes to blogging. From planning to production to social media, I want to expand my skill set. I started listening to The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon and have been really enjoying that. And while it’s not blogging specific, I read Rachel Hollis’ ‘Girl, Stop Apologizing’ and Mel Robbins’ ‘The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage.’ I think both gave me tips I can apply to blogging, for sure!

4. Go through the kid’s clothes and purge. I may have gotten this done on the last day of the month, but it’s done none the less! There’s a donation pile, a pile to gift my sorority sisters’ kids, and a memory pile, but both wardrobe’s have been reorganized and put away. I feel really accomplished, y’all!

5. Commit 100 Squats a day. Done and done, woot-woot! Trust me when I say that my butt is feeling it and hasn’t looked better, LOL!

July Small Goals:

1. Prepare a budget for the #NSale. Early access for the Nordstrom Anniversary sale kick’s off next Friday and if I want to be smart about the sale and my finances, I need to plan. By plan, I mean going through my closet and figuring out the holes I can potentially fill by shopping the sale. Do I need a leather jacket, new booties, a great pair of designer denim? I don’t want to shop the sale just to shop the sale – that’s stupid and irresponsible. I really want to take an intentional approach this year.

2. Outside of the #NSale, NO SHOPPING. While I do plan on shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I really want that to be the only purchase I make for the month of July. I think this is possible, if only for the fact that I’ll be on vacation for sometime during the month.


3. Publish my hair transition post. I have now been on this natural hair journey for 6 months and think I’m finally ready to dedicate a post about my hair routine, tips, etc. I didn’t want to come at y’all with a bunch of fluff, I want this post to be truly informative. I need to sit down one night and crank it out, I feel like it’s going to take a lot of fine-tuning and editing to be at a place I’ll be proud of.

4. Reach out to 3 brands to collaborate. I had set this goal a few months back and completed it but I didn’t get anything out of it, meaning, I didn’t at least get feedback into what I can be doing to better collaborate with brands. I have a list of brands I would love to collaborate with and really want to be strategic about my outreach. Fingers crossed I come out of it with at least one partnership!

5. Plan out travel-related content. Since I’ll be going to Tahoe (!!) I really want a few travel posts to come out of it. #AlwaysWorking. I’m not quite sure the type of content I’ll be able to produce since it is a family vacation and I want to enjoy but I think I can squeeze out one or two posts from the trip. Stay tuned for that!



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