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The Nordstrom Anniversary is Coming

It’s almost that time of the year again folks! I’m giving you a glimpse at what will be going down here at FabAve HQ during the most epic sale of the year.

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Skirt | Top | Sandals | Similar Bag | Natalie Borton Earrings

One of the most anticipated sales of the year is right around the corner and I’ve got mixed feelings about it. The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is less than a month away and I’m still trying to figure out if I’m happy or annoyed about it, or both.

Last year was the first time I participated in the sale and I.WENT.HAM. I had the store card so I was able to shop early access, one full week before the sale was open to the public. I work up super early to get my selection of all the available sale items, I made multiple orders within that first week in an attempt not to miss out on the “best stuff” – it was ridiculous. I wrote about how I did it all wrong last year here if you want to give that post a read.

This year, our family vacation happens to be during the sale. This is a pretty big deal as a blogger because the NSale is where most of us make our biggest commission of the year. In full transparency, last year I tripled what I normally make during the year just from NSale sales. There are tons of content opportunities – presale picks, which I will be doing this year again, try-ons, and so much more.
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Since I’ll be on vacation during the sale, much of the NSale content I had planned isn’t going to happen. For me, that’s both good and bad. Good because it will stop me from going over my specific Nordstrom Anniversary sale budget, and bad because I probably won’t hit my commission goal/quota (something I set for myself each month).

I do plan on shopping the sale during the presale period, and again, do anticipate doing a “Sale Picks” post, but I won’t be sharing much after that since I’ll be on vacay. And I’m sorry, I’m not willing to sacrifice precious family time for this damn sale. If you are a frequent blog ready and follow them via social, then you’re going to be getting your fair share of NSale spam. I am going to be asking my neighbor to hold my package(s) and may share my purchases once I’m back, but I haven’t made any final decisions about that just yet.
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To help prepare y’all in any way I can, below are a few things I thought you should know about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale:

WHAT: The sale is actually worth all the hype, believe it or not. Nordstrom offers both fall and select summer fashion, accessories, and products on major discount for a limited time. Shoppers are able to score some killer designer items without paying full-price.

WHEN: Cardholders get early access beginning July 12 through July 19th. The sale opens up to non-card holders on July 19 and ends August 4.

HOW: Wondering how you can get in on the action early? You’ll want to apply for the Nordstrom card which is totally free and easy! You can even get a $60 bonus note if you apply before July 10.

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Get the Look:

Skirt | Top | Sandals | Similar Bag | Natalie Borton Earrings


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