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June Small Goals + May Recap

Another month has come and gone which means it’s time to reflect on last months goals and establish new ones!

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Here we are in June and I can’t believe we are done with almost half the year!? Crazy to think how fast time is flying by. May was a pretty good month – we got a 3-day weekend, the weather finally decided to cooperate and grace us with both spring and summer, and we now have access to the pool – what’s not to love?! It also came with some hardships – our AC broke, I found out some pretty devastating family news, and Theo got hit with the sickness. But with the good comes the bad, I guess. I just gotta remember that the beautiful moments shine brighter because the darks one’s don’t.

For it being my birthday month, it was kinda anti-climatic. We didn’t really celebrate with anything major and my shopping didn’t get as out of hand as I’d expected. Let’s recap my May Small Goals, shall we?

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May Recap:

1. Don’t Overindulge. I didn’t set my typical $100 spending goal since it was my birthday month, but if I would have, I would have been pretty close! I didn’t do as much shopping as I’d anticipated, especially at the beginning of the month. Just when I thought I was in the clear, however, that’s when I went a little ham. Thankfully, there weren’t any big ticket items purchased. Here are a few of the things I added to my closet:

2. Ask a blogger on a date. So I did reach out to a local blogger but she hasn’t replied back. Maybe because she hasn’t seen the message, maybe because she’s not interested, either way, I’m a little embarrassed.

3. Unpack and Organize. Done and done, at least for the most part. There are still a few things we have to bring over to our house but overall everything is unpacked and organized!

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4. Gym Membership – Cancel and Join. Another goal I’m happy to cross off my list for the month of May! I canceled my Gold’s membership and joined Planet Fitness which is about a mile away from my house. I miss organized classes like bodypump and barre, but so far I like it!

5. Sign Remy Up for Summer Camp. With Kevin’s help, this got done! Truth be told, he did all the leg work and organizing/planning, I just filled out the paperwork (better handwriting). I wish we had the income for me to stay home during the summer but we don’t. However, I think Remy will love the camps we signed her up for! There’s a karate one she’s going to for the first two weeks of summer and the last two weeks, we have our family vacation, and then she’ll be doing a sports one run through the county.

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June Small Goals:

1. Stick to $100 shopping budget. I’m going to get a little strick and real with myself. I need to stay within my budget this month, and really for the remainder of the year. I’ve been so cavalier about this goal month after month, it’s time things change. For my sake and my bank accounts.

2. Ask a blogger on a date. I refuse to let not getting a response deter me from really connecting with the local blogging community. If one person didn’t reply, there are other’s I can reach out to, and I already have someone in mind!

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3. Take an online class/seminar. I want to continue to expand my skill set when it comes to the blog and social media management. If I can’t go into the classroom, it’s 2019 and I’m sure I can find a webinar or podcast that can help me finetune my skills!

4. Go through the kid’s clothes and purge. During the move, I went ahead and packed away a few items from the kid’s closets but no real dent got made. Not until recently did I realize I was putting 9month shorts on Theo, which he barely fit might I add, but because it was in his dresser I called it fair game. I need to go through all their stuff and remove anything that doesn’t fit or isn’t seasonally appropriate.

5. Commit 100 Squats a day. Not gonna lie, in May my physical fitness kinda went out the window. Life got in the way and I let it be an excuse as to why I couldn’t make it to the gym. But personally, I need that dedicated time to myself to sweat it out and clear my mind. I really need a kick in the pants and I think committing to 100 squats a day, along with my gym visits (roughly 4-6 times a day), will be a small step in the right direction. I set this goal last year around this time and saw some major improvements to my buns!

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