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3 Ways We’re Implementing Healthy Habits at Home

A few things we’re doing to create a healthy household!

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When I first became a mom, there was a lot of internal struggle about the mom I should be. One of the “mom types” that I found most discouraging was the “crunchy” or “organic” mom. I’ve never really gone out of my way to be uber healthy, I’m more of a ‘play it by ear’ kinda gal meaning if I was a craving a salad I’d eat it, if not I wouldn’t. Same goes with fitness, but if you’ve been a long time reader then you are well aware I love getting physical!

Now that I’ve been doing this mom thing for a while, I know that there’s no one way to do it right. Do what works best for your family, period. But as I’m navigating through this journey, I do want to implement ways to encourage healthy living in our household, whether that means offering healthy snacks, going on daily walks, or taking vitamins every day.

I’ve found that putting healthy habits and practices into our daily lives makes it easy for the whole house to participate. Today I wanted to share a few ways we’re making it easy for our kids to develop healthy habits into their everyday!

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3 Ways We’re Implementing Healthy Habits at Home

1// Keep it simple. Implementing healthy habits doesn’t have to be hard. By doing simple things like going on daily walks, offering healthy snack options or drinking water versus juice – it all can make a difference without making it difficult.

2// Make it fun! We’re talking and trying to relate to kids here, of course it has to be fun in some shape or form. By getting everyone involved, whether it’s a game of soccer, boys versus girls style, or a Ninja Warriors competition on the playground, making it fun for the kids essentially makes it fun for even mom and dad!

3// Run around! Sure, this goes with the point above but I’ve found that the best way to have my kids happy and healthy is by simply having them run around. Signing them up for sports activities is one of our favorite ways to keep them both busy and healthy. Also, spending time outside whether it’s for a quick walk around the block, over to the park or to sit and enjoy a little vitamin C can do wonders!

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At the end of the day, let them be kids and just make sure they’re getting enough sleep, veggies, water and exercise and they should be good. And remember, by practicing healthy habits yourself, you are taking the first step to having everyone in your household live a happy and healthy life!

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