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How do you get out of a funk? Really, I want to know!

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Truth time: I’m kinda in a funk. Thankfully not the depressive kind but a funk none the less. I feel like much of the beginning of adult life is advancing to the next stage – landing your first real job, finding and marrying the love of your life, owning a home, owning a car, having children – but once you hit those milestones, where do you go from there? Funky Town, that’s where you go.

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I’m in this stage of life where I’m expecting to advance to the next stage, but there really isn’t a “next stage.” I should be living my life and enjoying it, but I seem to be maintaining it instead. And that’s tiring. So I’m sitting here, in Funky Town, watching my life go by. Glued to my phone, endlessly folding laundry and always loading the dishwasher, wondering when it will get fun again? Is this what adult life really is? The movies make it out to be so fulfilling. Don’t get me wrong, my life is fulfilling but I do feel like I’m missing my purpose.

I’m realizing that the funk is spreading into all the corners of my life, including this blog. I’m having trouble coming up with content for y’all and want each and every post to serve a purpose and have intention, but sometimes I fall short. And while I know that’s okay, I don’t want it to be the norm. For the blogs’ sake and for yours.

So I’m here, yet again, writing a post about nothing. Or maybe it’s about everything. Maybe this is the post that helps me realize that I need to change things up. It may be time to find a new hobby, spend time with the kids more, without my phone, or step outside my comfort zone. Until then, I’ll be here in Funky Town, wondering what’s next…but maybe that’s the problem.

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