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Falling Short

Every day doesn’t have to be great, and that’s okay. Some days are mediocre, and that’s okay too.

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Last night I sat in front of my laptop for a whole hour before shutting it closed and calling it a night. You see, I couldn’t come up with any words to put into a post. I could have certainly pulled together a generic post about this really pretty floral maxi dress, but honestly, I didn’t have it in me to publish a post about nothing. The ironic thing is that this post will probably be about nothing, too.

This morning, as I grappled with the fact that today’s blog post was going to be late, I came to terms with the idea that some days I’m going to fall short, and falling short is just going to have to be okay. Unfortunately, I don’t think y’all care much about those particular days, and that’s fine, we all have our own bad, crappy days to deal with, but as we all know, those days can be hard to get through.

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I often wonder why it takes us so long to be okay with not being able to do it all, with not being perfect. Like, I’m sure we come across those life-changing moments when we realized that we can’t accomplish it all, but why didn’t we know that from the jump? There are plenty of quotes out there from famous, influential people telling us that it takes hard work to get things done, but somewhere through the media, the expectations, and the BS, we forget that hard work is…hard.

So today I’m going to accept the fact that I’m not feeling 100% me, and that genius and inspiration doesn’t have to be flowing through my veins at all times. Kidding, kinda. At the end of the day, it may not be a bad day but just a mediocre one and that’s okay. So I leave you with this outfit, from a time I felt more than mediocre. Happy Monday!

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Get the Look:

Dress (only $30!) | Similar Denim Jacket | Similar Boots | Tote | Bandana via MadewellNatalie Borton Earrings

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