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May Small Goals + April Recap

Catch a recap of last month’s goals and a look at what I’ve got for my birthday month!

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A new edition of the Small Goals series and this month is special because it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Let’s skip the small talk and get right into, shall we?

April Recap:

1. Plan Kevin’s Birthday. CHECK! Towards the beginning of April, I was able to get the in-laws to watch the kids for a night, and I took my man out for a night on the town! We went out for sushi (his favorite), I rented a room for us to sleep in and relax, and we spent the next day at Dave & Busters playing games and eating ALL THE THINGS! It was a great few hours away from our responsibilities and I think the guy had a really good time!

2. No Shopping. So this definitely didn’t happen. Gah, I’m so annoyed with myself. I not only didn’t cease from spending money, but I also went over my $100 shopping budget. Here are a few things I snagged, including my dubbed birthday dress which seems to already be sold out:(

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3. Ask a blogger on a date. Another thing I didn’t get done for the month of April. I totally chickened out but really do plan on putting on my big girl pants this month (May) and asking a few bloggers out for coffee!

4. Closet clean out and spring transition. Dude, I went ham during my closet clean out and got rid of a ton of stuff! I’m so proud of myself. I donated 3 bags full of clothes, shoes, and accessories, and I posted a few things in my Poshmark closet!

5. Top secret goal. So the top secret goal got accomplished! If you follow along via Instagram Stories then you now know that this past weekend I was moving! There’s a really long story, that I don’t really feel like getting into, BUT we moved and I got packing done and the move went as smoothly as it could. See, new adventures!

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May Small Goals:

1. Don’t Overindulge. May is my birthday month so you better believe I’m going to overindulge. It’s in my nature, I’m a Taurus! So not real shopping budget this month, I just need to not go ham.

2. Ask a blogger on a date. A blogger date will happen this month. There’s one extra day in May so my chances are better, right? I already have a short list of local bloggers I’d like to connect with, I just have to make the first move.

3. Unpack and Organize. So now that we’re moved, there’s tons of unpacking and organizing that needs to get done. Since I am the woman of the house, I’m the only one who know where things go so this all falls on me, which I don’t necessarily mind.

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4. Gym Membership – Cancel and Join. Confusing, right? Well, my current gym, Gold’s, isn’t by our townhouse so I need to cancel my membership. I’m sad about this because I love Gold’s but to make it easier on myself I’m going to be joining Planet Fitness which is roughly 2 miles away from me. I got the rundown from a friend about Planet Fitness and it’ll do for what I’m looking for.

5. Sign Remy Up for Summer Camp. Because both me and my husband work full-time jobs, we have to sign Remy up for full day summer camp. We have a few in mind but they are all kind of expensive. We have to keep looking for one that’s a little more cost effective. And time is running out so it has to be done this month.

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