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April Small Goals + March Recap

Looking back at my March goals and looking forward to what April has in store!

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So here we are, at the beginning of a new week and a new month which means a whole new set of intentions! Happy April, friends! I’m super excited to be entering a new month with a fresh outlook. March was bogged down with a lot of stress and anxiety so I’m ready to leave all that in the rearview, who’s with me?!

There’s a lot of fun and exciting things happening in May, including my birthday (!!!), but in order to prep for all of that, I have to be focused for the month of April. The goals I have set out for the next 30 days are going to be challenging, well at least one of them will be. However, before we jump into what I have planned for April, let’s recap on my March Small Goals.

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March Recap:

1. Stick to a $100 shopping budget. I briefly spoke about my lack of will-power in this post and I wasn’t lying when I said I screwed the pooch with this goal. I went HAM on my spending in March and I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m ashamed of myself. I would normally share everything I bought but I would rather not subject myself to the potential criticism, lol. Instead, here are just a few things I frivolously spent money on last month:

2. Schedule doctor appointments. I am so proud of myself for scratching this goal off my list. I was well overdue for a dentist appointment so I finally went in to get my teeth cleaned. Bonus points for also hitting up the dermatologist in March, too! I can confidently say I have no skin abnormalities AND I finally got a topical cream for my psoriasis!

3. Do a 10×10 challenge. As evident in this post, I completed the 10×10 challenge last month. If you want to read my recap click here, otherwise, I’m not going to really spill the deets on this one.

4. Ramp up nutrition and fitness. I don’t know if I could really scratch this goal off my list for March but I’m doing so because I did stick to attending a new-to-me class last month. I’ve started going to barre on Saturday’s at my local gym and surprisingly I’m loving it. I’d done barre once before, last year, and wasn’t really into it. I don’t know what changed but I’m digging the challenge of the small, intricate, movements!

5. Make prayer a daily practice. I was kind of all over the place with this one. I was steadily praying a few days at a time and then I wouldn’t. I then switched it up to listening to my favorite worship songs to get me feeling all the feels and it worked! Worship is a great way for me to feel like I’m communicating with God without feeling like I”m asking for ALL THE THINGS.

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April Small Goals:

1. Plan Kevin’s Birthday. Now, I can’t get too descriptive about this goal because the fella can easily read all about what I’ve got planned, but know that there’s something brewing! I’ll share in my recap next month.

2. No Shopping. Yep, I’m attempting it. My birthday is next month which means I’ll be justifying all kinds of purchases in May all in the name of “It’s my birthday month” so I’m going to try and cut spending in April altogether. I know, easier said than done but I really want to offset any potential spending next month this month. That’s just good planning if you ask me…HA!

3. Ask a blogger on a date. I’ve really wanted to reach out to some local bloggers in the area and ask them out to dinner or coffee, just to chat and commiserate about this weird thing that we do, but I always chicken out. Well, this post will hopefully hold me accountable. Wish me luck!

4. Closet clean out and spring transition. Just in time for the warmer weather, it’s time to pack away my sweaters and bring out the florals! It’s really about packing away sweaters and freeing up space in my closet. I also have tons of clothes I’m not actually wearing that could probably use good homes. I know I did this back in January but I think my wardrobe could really use some Spring Cleaning.

5. Top secret goal. So I can’t really get into detail about something that’s going on behind the scenes in my life, but I’m hoping I can share more next month. I have to confirm things are actually happening as planned, and if they do, I cannot wait to share!

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