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Is Less Really More?

Is living with less and spending less really the answer? Or is it all about creating more margin for yourself?

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I’m writing this post way too late at night to make sense of my thoughts, but I’ve got to get them out there so please bear with me. I’m going to be utterly and completely honest…here goes…ok, but really…

I took a major nosedive in my attempt at staying within my $100 budget for the month of March. Sure, February was golden but apparently, I convinced myself I had to make up for it this month. I am so disappointed in myself. I don’t really know how to begin explaining to myself what went wrong?

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Some factors that might have had a hand at my relapse:

  • The beginning of a new season. Stores promote new merchandise and everything is all spring-y and new.
  • I was tired of my 10×10 challenge wardrobe. I did most of my reckless spending during those 10 days (recap going live on Wednesday!).
  • Blogging. Being a blogger often requires sharing items that are currently available which means spending money on currently available things.

You want to know what I learned from my list of vices? That I’m the problem. I have full control over all of my spending, no one is holding a gun to my head telling me to buy, buy, buy. Yet, as I’m handing over my debit card or as I’m hitting the “purchase” button, I feel utterly guilty for the spending but do nothing about it. When will the internal madness stop?

So my question to me is (or you if you’re going through similar internal battles), does less really mean more? We all know the saying, “less is more” but is it really? I know it’s really about being intentional with the way I handle my money, and for the life I want to create for myself and my family, but I’m easily coerced into thinking that I really must have something.

However I can’t be so hard on myself. We all make mistakes, I just have to do better. For my bank account, for my future, and for the plans I have for my family. I really have to get a grip of this internal struggle. I have some hefty goals for myself when it comes to my budget and the month of April. But more on that when I share my Small Goals recap for March. Sorry if I didn’t give you answers to curbing the shopping hunger, I’m still working on that myself. But trust me when I say I’ll share any tips I come across when the time comes. Until then, let’s work on it together:)

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