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How I Use My Apple Watch

One of my most frequently asked questions is regarding my Apple Watch so today I figured I’d share my thoughts!

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Since the day I went onto IG and raved about the fact that I gifted myself an Apple Watch for Christmas, one of my most frequently asked questions is about that damn watch! How I like it, how I use it, and whether or not I think it’s worth the splurge. Today I’m excited to be answering your questions and dishing on all thing Apple Watch!

Initial Thoughts: Size & Model

First things first, I have the Series 3 42mm case in “Space Gray” with the black sports band. While I initially thought that the 42mm watch would be overwhelming on my tiny wrist, I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t. When I went in-store, they only had the larger size available, and in my impatience I went ahead and got it anyway. Luckily for me, the size doesn’t swallow my wrist!

Initial Thoughts: Sports Band & Accessories

The sports band comes in both S/M and M/L size options and is has pin‑and‑tuck closure. The S/M size fits perfectly on my wrist and I can pin it to the last hole if I want a super tight fit or the second-to-last one for a more comfortable fit. I also have this fun leopard print band that I love! The material is lightweight and durable which I like plus it has a standard metal clasp, not to mention it’s only $12! I’m thinking of snagging this affordable leather band next, also $12.

Initial Thoughts: How I use it

The main way I use my Apple Watch is to monitor my exercise. The watch comes with an app specifically for exercise which tracks all your workouts. You can choose from a wide range of exercises like running, strength training, swimming, walking, and more. As soon as you select your workout it begins tracking calories burned, distance (specifically for running, walking, swimming, cycling, etc.), workout time and heart rate.

There’s also an activity app that tracks your movement throughout the day. Within the Apple Watch app on your phone, you can change your daily calorie goal which is tracked within the activity app on the watch (phone and app sync). It tracks your daily calorie burn (including workouts), how many hours you stand in a day (goal is 12 hrs), and how many minutes you exercise in a day. Those stats make up three rings you are challenged to close daily. For example, for me to close all my rings in a day I must burn 500 calories, workout for 30 minutes and stand for 12 hours. I love this feature because it motivates me to constantly move throughout the day.

Many of the alarms, reminders and scheduled events in my Google Calendars notify me via my Apple Watch, in addition to my phone. If I’m in a meeting and don’t want to take out my phone to turn off or snooze a reminder or calendar reminder, I can simply hit STOP or SNOOZE on my watch and boom! As a note, I set up so that my Apple Watch is on silent, this way there are no audible disruptions.

Overall, I really love my Apple Watch and would be lost without it! I don’t pick up my phone nearly as often as I did before my watch because it makes it easy to do many of the tasks I perform on my phone. I can read and send texts from my watch, receive Instagram notifications, do breathing exercises via my Breath app, can load money onto my Starbucks app, use my watch as a remote to take pictures from my phone, and so much more! I would definitely recommend getting yourself one if you’re on the fence.

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