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Classic Converse

There’s no denying that Converse sneakers have become a tried and true classic. Here are a few ways to style them up for spring!

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Get the Look:

Similar Dress | Sweater | Sneakers | Bag

I think the tides are turning, my friends, and that spring is comin’ round the corner! Rejoice! I say this because there is no longer snow in the 10-day forecast, plus the temps are above 45 degrees for the next few days, so I can semi-confidently do a little jig for springs impending arrival.

But enough about the weather, am I right. Let’s get to the week’s Style Session – the American classic Converse sneaker. I, myself, have quite the collection of Chucks, and have even sold a few over on Poshmark. Funny enough I also wore a blue pair for my wedding reception, they are just that good! I’m a huge fan of having closet staples, like a white tee, a denim jacket, a perfect fitting pair of jeans. Another item I think every woman should have in her style arsenal are a pair of Converse!
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Today I’m excited to be bringing y’all 6 ways to style the iconic, mom-friendly sneakers for spring! Head on over to my Instagram Stories for a live action play by play of how to style 5 of the looks below. As an added bonus below you can find a post from way back when for 16 more ways to style Converse sneakers! And if you want even more inspiration you can click here for all the way’s I’ve styled the classic kicks in the past!

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Get the Look:

Similar Dress | Sweater | Sneakers | Bag

More Ways to Style Converse Sneakers:

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Recreate the Look:

 photo F97AFF39-D1D3-471D-A215-FAF8573C5CDD_zpsc0hfx7g6.jpg

Recreate the Look:

 photo F4EE8861-A590-4591-9EAE-A1533D2BC5B5_zpszajzzeg7.jpg

Recreate the Look:

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Recreate the Look:

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Recreate the Look:

16 Ways to Wear Converse Sneakers

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