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REAL TALK: Kids Birthday Parties | A Debate

Where do you’d stand on kids bday parties? Do you splurge every year or do you celebrate on special birthdays?

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I’m Hispanic so you can trust me when I say we tend to go all out on events. Hello, we throw quinceañeras, which if you’re not familiar, is the coming of age for a 15 yr old young woman. However now that I have kids of my own, bills of my own and have the privilege of living up to the outrageous high standards of our society, I realize that for me my and my family, that we won’t be celebrating every child birthday. 

Hear me out before you think I’m a monster. Personally, I don’t think it’s realistic to celebrate every passing year for my children. Sure, for the gap years between elaborate birthday parties,  we’ll cut a cake as a family, they’ll get the dinner of their choosing, and they’ll get a bday gift from mom, dad, and sibling; but a party with all the bells and whistles is not happening every year. 

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When I posed the questions to a few of my girlfriends apparently I’m in the minority on this one. And boy did I feel judged! (I’m sure it was all in my head.) They explained to me that they’ll be celebrating each and every birthday of their multiple children with an elaborate celebration, not one year to be missed.

Is it wrong of me to feel like that’s crazy? Let me immediately set this straight before someone jumps down my throat – there is no right or wrong way to come at this. Whether you celebrate each and every birthday for your child with an all-out party, who am I to tell you how to spend your money, but for me and my family, that doesn’t work.

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I can’t plan and execute two birthdays within a few months of each other (Remy in July and Theo in September). Financially, that ain’t gonna fly. And mentally, I don’t think I have it in me to put that much brain energy into the process of it all. If you learn one thing about me from this post it’s that I’m not the “crafty” mom. I’m the “go to the store and buy things already made and beautiful/hire people to do it” type of mom. So pulling together an over the top celebration, trying to meet my children’s expectations, and the expectations of the guests does not seem appealing to me one little bit.

But I do compromise on one thing. I will celebrate the life of my children every year, but will only go all out on those coming of age birthdays: 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 15/16, 18 and 21. I’m telling Theo and Remy now, I will be getting crunk with them when they turn 21! I’ll buy the first legal shot:)

Check out Remy’s Moana themed here & Theo’s dinosaur breakfast party here

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