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FabAve Travels: Cancun Photo Diary

Scenes from my company trip to Cancun, Mexico!

 photo FD7B1BEE-E7C7-4F3C-9BEA-F785360CC200_zpsokwcjqgk.jpg Back in early February I had the pleasure of traveling to Cancun, Mexico on an all-expense paid trip with my company. That’s a hell of a welcome, am I right?! Luckily for me, a friend recommended me for my current position, so I knew a friendly face. I also had gotten chummy with the third marketeer on my team as well as a few of the sales guys, so I wasn’t as nervous as I could have been going abroad. Off I went to Mexico and enter some rest and relaxation, late nights on the beach and some alcohol – my time in Cancun was exactly what I needed. Here are a few scenes from my trip to Cancun, Mexico!

 photo IMG_7111_zpsv7asgph3.jpg

 photo 78880677-37EC-4E9B-B163-93F6478E847F_zps1bnazc8w.jpg

 photo 2A9A28D8-3AD4-4B8D-B0A8-E59449F5F269_zpsr4dk050a.jpg

 photo IMG_7033_zps03ekhnq6.jpg

 photo IMG_7068_zpsza3rttje.jpg

 photo IMG_6953_zpsjqlv2piw.jpg

 photo 68C76680-A27A-4522-BF31-5A46F83B7C48_zpsrtvh7ymd.jpg

 photo IMG_7101_zpsmpg2rpdj.jpg

 photo IMG_7213_zpstptrtb6y.jpg

 photo IMG_E7100_zpshtpbgguo.jpg

 photo IMG_6982_zps25a2nnvq.jpg

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