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What to Pack: 2 Days in the Tropics

Sharing what I packed for my 2 day getaway to Cancun + sharing a few tropical getaway packing tips!

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What does a girl have to do to get another all-expense paid trip to Cancun for the weekend? Actually, don’t answer that! In reality, my Mexican getaway was from Friday to Monday but both the first and last days were for travel so really I only spent 48 hours in Cancun. However, those 2 days were exactly what this girl needed to unwind and just have fun!

I’m still contemplating whether I’ll be doing a post dedicated to Cancun. Since I went with my co-workers, I had no intention of gathering intel for the blog. But we’ll see, I may just pull together my iPhone photos for a travel diary post. Stay tuned.

Ok, on to the packing list! I kept my list fairly simple since I was well aware that most of my time would be spent by the pool or on the beach. My carry-on included a jumpsuit (duh) for night one’s company dinner, my favorite denim shorts in two washes (dark and light)easy sandals, plenty of swimsuits including this fun one, a straw bag, and a few more items. For reference, some of the items pictured may not be exact. I tried to link to similar pieces either by style and/or color.

A few packing tips to consider if heading to a tropical location…

  • Pack pieces that could be mixed and matched, this way you can remix your wardrobe effortlessly and save room in your carry-on.
  • Leverage your swimsuits as tops. I wore a sheer top that I just snuck my bathing suit top underneath for the non-water activities. One piece suits are perfect, too, because they can be paired with shorts, pants, and skirts.
  • Jumpsuits are great for travel because they are an all-in-one outfit.
  • Skip the heels, you know you’re not wearing them. Opt of slip-on sandals (I don’t like flip-flops) and maybe even a cute pair of sandals.
  • If you’re packing straw hats, nestle them amongst your already packed carry-on and stuff your swimsuits in the hood, this helps them keep their shape!

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