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January Small Goals

Get excited for a new monthly series! Sharing a few goals each month to set myself up for an atmosphere of growth in 2019!

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In lieu of setting resolutions or intentions for 2019, this year I’m going to be tackling setting monthly goals for myself. I figured this was a great way to grow gradually throughout the year through small changes. I’ve also seen other bloggers post their monthly goals and liked the idea. I love the accountability of setting monthly small goals and that I’ll get to celebrate the victories, big or small, with y’all!

So if you’re not familiar with the concept, each month I’ll set 5 goals for myself, and will try to complete them by the months end. A goal can be as simple as taking my daily supplements (which I stopped last month), while another goal can be more of a challenge. At the start of each month I’ll revisit the previous month’s goals and provide an update; I’ll also layout the small goals for the new month. Get it? Good! Read on for a look at my January goals!

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1. Clean Out my Closet. As stated in Friday’s Life Update post, I really want to pare down my wardrobe to things that truly bring me joy! Creating outfits really makes me happy so having a closet that reflects my style and personality is essential. However, right now I’ve just got a jumbled mess. After watching a few episode of Marie Kondo’s new Netflix show, Tidying Up, I’ve already begun going through my wardrobe, and I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel…I think.

In the same vein, I want to post the good stuff up in my Poshmark closet and send them to good homes, if I can.

2. $100 Shopping Budget. My blogger buddy Jesse recently shared her 2019 financial goals and I’ll be joining in on her #buylesslivemorechallenge challenge! Her and I talked in-depth about the state of our finances, specifically as it relates to shopping, and decided to rein in our impulses. Essentially the goal is to stick to a shopping budget of $100 (cash) a month for 6 months. That includes clothing, accessories, makeup and hair/skin products. I think know I can do this successfully for the first half of the year, I just have to practice discipline and will power.

3. Commit to 1 mile a day. I’d like to have a health and/or fitness goal for every month of the year and I’m excited about the first one! I’d like to commit to running or walking 1 mile a day. If I’m not taking a group exercise class at the gym I always get at least 1 mile in on the treadmill. Now that my workout schedule is up in the air, getting something in is very important to me. I feel like I can commit to this one, and I’m excited to build up my endurance!

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4. Reach out for partnerships. In 2017 I kinda slacked with partnering with brands, and to be candid with y’all, I love brand collaborations! It’s fun to brainstorm ideas to tell my story as it relates to the specific brand. This month I want to make it my goal to pitch at least 3 brands I really want to work with and see if they’ll collaborate. Wish me luck!

5. One date night. My husband and I suck at making time for each other. With our work schedules, the kids, and lack of daycare, we tend to not prioritize each other which is a no-no. We are the foundation of our family so prioritizing us is a must! I want to go on at least one date night with my man this month, even if it’s just to grab ice cream after the kids are in bed.

Okay, those are my January Small Goals! Do you have any goals you want to cross of your list this month?

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