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2019 is shaping up to be an epic year. Catch up on some of the most recent life updates you might have missed!

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Happy New Year, my friends! How did you spend NYE, did you do anything fun? Were you still recovering on New Year’s Day? I’m sure I’m not the only one in shock that we’re right back to January and that it’s 2019?!? How did that happen so quickly?

As we enter the New Year I thought it would be nice to share some life updates in case you don’t follow along the behind the scenes action over on Instagram. In any case, you should, you can follow me here! There have been some fun announcements over the last few weeks that haven’t really made their way on to the blog so I figured it was due time y’all knew what was going on.

In personal news – I got a new job! I know, I know, it was only last January that I started a new job, but a pretty awesome opportunity fell into my lap that I couldn’t pass up! I’ll be working for a smaller company than the big global corporation I was working for before, and I’ll be handling public relations and events in the new position. To say I’m excited for the new adventure is an understatement. Here’s to bigger and better things for 2019!

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I start the new gig next week so during my week long break in between jobs trying to crank out content so that I could be prepared for the schedule change I’m about to undergo. The new job requires me in the office five days a week, versus the three days I was doing previously; plus my hours are changing so I’ll be shifting my routine quite a bit. I’ll (hopefully) be hitting the gym in the wee hours of the morning and all my blogging prep will begetting done on the weekend and on week nights. I really hope I can stay as consistent to my posting schedule was I was in 2018 (Monday, Wednesday,Friday), so if you have any content ideas please leave them in the comments– I’m here to serve you!

I’ve been thinking really heard over the last few weeks about my Word of the Year for 2019. I think it came to me 2-nights ago while in the shower, random I know, but I’m still grappling over whether or not it’s the right word for 2019. I’ll hopefully work on that post over the weekend and will have something up on the blog next week, if not early the week after. Stay tuned. Read about my 2018 Word of the Year here.

Because I’m starting a new awesome job (!!!), I’m cleaning out my closet to get a better view of the pieces of clothing that truly bring joy to my life. I no longer have to wear corporate work clothes into the office, however I’m not getting rid of all of it, I like some of it! I also recently discovered a box full of clothes I thought I’d lost. This is a problem one has when you have too much clothing – yes, there is such a thing. I will be posting tons of things in my Poshmark closet within the next few weeks so make sure you’re following me there! Some great listings coming! If you mention you’re a FabAve readers I’ll make sure to knock off a few bucks;)

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