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15 Mother/Daughter Date Ideas

A mini recap of our last mother/daughter date of the year along with 15 ideas for you to try!

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Get the Look:

On Me: Sweater | Skirt (old – last worn here) | Boots

On Remy: Similar Dress | Similar flats here and here | Tee

As part of my 18 for 2018 intentions, I really wanted to dedicated time for just me and my main girl Remy. I talked about the importance of these “dates” earlier this year – specifically, wanting to strengthen the bond between her and I, and I’m happy to report I’ve made good in this intention for the year! Whether we got manicures together, hit the pool with just the two of us, or rocked the vote, I’m happy Remy and I got to spend some quality of mother/daughter time without the boys of the family cramping our style.

For the final date of the year, I surprised Remy with tickets to watch The Nutcracker at the Rachel M Schlesinger Concert Hall in Alexandria, VA a few weekends ago. I really wanted our last activity of 2018 to be a memorial one as well as something festive for the season. And boy, did the show not disappoint! I’d never seen a ballet performance before so I was as entranced with the story and the dancers as Remy was! We just sat there, eyes bright, spellbound by the magic of it all. I will seriously cherish that day forever. We’re already planning on making this an annual girl day tradition!

This is what we wore to the show. Remy was probably most excited about getting to wear her “Christmas Dress” and feel like a princess all day! This plaid beauty was a hand my down but I feel like every little girl should have one in her wardrobe, especially during this time of the year. I also wanted to get good use out of the dress, in case this was her last year getting to wear it. As you can tell, I wanted to get in on the plaid fun and styled up some tartan plaid of my own with what I had hanging in my closet. I love how our looks turned out!
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If you are a mama looking to make special moments with her daughter(s), I rounded up 15 activities to consider adding to your mother/daughter date list. No matter the scale of the activity, each of these has the potential to lead to incredible memories. I hope you enjoy this post!

  1. At home mani/pedis (We went to a salon together earlier this year – Remy had a blast!) 
  2. Bake cookies for someone special to both of you
  3. Go window shopping
  4. Go to a show or concert (We saw Paw Patrol LIVE earlier this year and that was a big hit!)
  5. Volunteer Together (I want to do this next year with Remy!)
  6. Have a movie night at home or at the theater
  7. Go on a walk/hike/bike ride
  8. Explore a museum
  9. Have afternoon high tea (We attended a Princess Tea party earlier this year!)
  10. Have a picnic
  11. Plan a day trip
  12. Take a cooking class together
  13. Mother/Daughter portrait
  14. Go bowling! (Remy’s favorite!)
  15. Have them plan an activity to do together!

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