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Winter Boots – Trendy and Sensible

Winter boots – a practical trend I can get behind which is why I’m sharing a few ways to style them this season!

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Get the Look:

Sweater | Vest | Similar Denim | Boots 

Once the temps reach below a certain number I start to dress more practical for the season. Up until then, however, I wear what I want. But now that ‘dark and dreary’ is all we’re getting, I prefer to look effortless and chic while feeling comfortable, casual, and let’s be real, warm.

The part of the body I protect from the cold at all costs? My feet! Once my feet get cold it’s impossible for me to keep warm, so donning on insulated footwear is a must this time of the year. Which is why I’m thankful that the fashion gods have blessed winter boots as one of the trends of the season! With their heavy duty soles and thick laces, trudging around town never looked so cute (or bad ass)! 

Today I’m excited to be bringing you 5 ways (including this look) for how to style the practical and sensible trend this season! You can also hop over to my Instagram Stories for a live action play by play of how to style the following looks. Feel free to leave a suggestion of a trend you’d like me to “remix” next! This will probably be the last one of 2018, so keep a lookout in 2019!

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 photo DSC_0612_zpsr4rde700.jpg

 photo DSC_0618_zpstg1daqkn.jpg

 photo DSC_0611_zps4w5xm8gt.jpg

 photo DSC_0617_zpsjcdhdqwk.jpg

Get the Look:

Sweater | Vest | Similar Denim | Boots 

More Ways to Style the Trend:

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Recreate the Look:

 photo IMG_6063_zpsstgzkk03.jpg

Recreate the Look:

 photo IMG_6070_zps5tpqskiq.jpg

Recreate the Look:

 photo IMG_6075_zpsofv6gqxa.jpg

Recreate the Look:

 photo IMG_6082_zpsybipmeuj.jpg

Recreate the Look:

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