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A Recap: 18 for 2018

A look back on the 18 intentions/goals I set for myself for 2018 as the year comes to a close. 

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I was meaning to keep up with the quarterly check-in’s to my 18 for 2018 intentions and then I didn’t. So here we are, at the tail end of the year with a final look back at the list of goals I set out for myself for the year. I’m contemplating whether or not I’ll be doing the same thing, or something similar, for the 2019. I’m not sure where I stand on my decision but I’m sure you’ll hear about it within the next few weeks.

The thought behind the 18 for 2018 list was to empower myself to really live in an atmosphere of growth for the New Year. Most of 2016 and ALL of 2017 was crap, to be frank, so I truly wanted to invest in living an intentional 2018, hence the list. I’d like to go over each goal/intention and give a check-in, of sorts, on whether or not I completed the “resolution” and what I learned from it.

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Launch the new Fabulously Average site. Read the launch post here!

Fold laundry the day it comes out of the dryer. This happened may be twice this year. Sadly, I didn’t really keep up with folding laundry immediately after it got out of the dryer and putting it away the same day also faltered. I hate laundry and doubt that will ever change.

Travel to at least two new place within the Continental U.S. Done and done, my friends! You can read all about my stay at Crimona Mine Retreat and catch my Asheville, NC travel guide, in case you missed those. I also visited Hershey, PA in the Spring and had a blast!  

Exercise regularly. I’m happy to report my year of working out is coming to an end in mid-January. That’s a full year of 4-6 work outs a week! I may be putting a post together about that, so stay tuned!

Take a new exercise class.  At the beginning of the year I took 2 SolidCore classes which I wasn’t too much of a fan of but I still got it done. I also tried a barre class at my local gym which I did enjoy, but I haven’t made it to another one since. I also did a 5K on Thanksgiving which I’d like to do more of in 2019.

Take a girls trip. Check! My trip to Crimora (#3) was actually a bachelorette weekend for one of my best friends.

Make the bed every morning. Every day for the last 351 days!

Read at least 6 books. I crossed this one off early and I’m super proud of that! Audible makes things happen, y’all! My completed reading list for 2018: The Four Agreements, The Power of Now, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life, Girl on a Train,Therapy, The Last Black Unicorn, Daring Greatly, The Whole-Brain Child, The Girl on the Train, The Wife Between Us, Something in the Water, Crazy Rich Asians, Girl Wash Your Face, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

Do a true closet clean out. I did a partial clean out in the beginning of the year and then a bigger one a few weeks ago! It was daunting but I’m happy it got done.

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Implement monthly Remy dates. So happy I implanted these dates early on in the year! We did a lot in 2018 including a Snowflake Princess Ball, a manicure date, the movies, voting and more! More on this topic in Friday’s post!

Get a new camera. I was saving up for a camera when my husband gifted me the exact one I wanted for my birthday! This is the one I got and I love it!

Do at least three “no shop” months. Candidly, I did not do very well with this in 2018. I actually shopped far more this year than I ever have before. I plan on really putting my feet to the fire on this for 2019 and cut back on shopping.

Work ahead. I’m really happy I took this on this year and have been successful. I stuck to a consistent posting schedule (Monday,Wednesday, Friday) and have been working a week, if not two weeks in advance!

Schedule a family trip. We didn’t officially do this this year, unfortunately. We did take a day trip to the beach but didn’t enjoy actual time away. However, this is already on the calendar for next year so I’m really excited for that!

Do a 3-day fast. I actually changed this up after I realized 3 days can be daunting. I switch up my plan and broke out the cleanse into 3 separate days instead of 3 consecutive days. Well, I completed 2 full day fasts but didn’t complete the third. Technically I can still complete the final day, so we’ll see.

Take intermittent social media breaks. Another intention that I didn’t full complete. I wanted to do this quarterly but did a digital detox one weekend this year. Read about those 48 hours here.

Learn how to budget. The hardest thing to complete off this list. This was not done, not one bit.

Donate. This year I donated clothes and have done a monetary donation. Essentially I want to make this a monthly occurrence.

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