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9 Ways to Wear Joggers to the Office

Wondering how to get away with wearing joggers to the office? Here are 9 ways to wear the trend and a few tips to not get the side eye from your boss!

 photo how to style joggers_zps1ar5un8r.jpgI am constantly trying to figure out ways to wear pajama’s to the office, especially on Monday’s when I can barely function. Even after my first cup of coffee! Enter joggers, the next step up from sweatpants and an acceptable way to wear lounge-wear-esque clothing to the old 9-5. Keep reading for 9 ways to wear the trend!

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Pair with a statement top // Draw the eye away from the fact that you’re wearing joggers to the office by pairing them with a statement sweater. Go bold with eye-catching prints and vivid colors!

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Top with a blazer // An obvious choice, yes, but that doesn’t make it boring! Blazers dress-up any and all outfits so why not make the obvious choice and go with the expected topper. It’s an easy and simple way to elevate a casual look effortlessly.

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Pile on the layers // Along with blazers, button-down shirts are another evident way to wear joggers to the office. Same concept applies to cardigans. But by playing with different textures and fabrics you’re adding more intrigue to an otherwise boring or sloppy outfit.

The right footwear // Now, you can’t go wearing sneakers into the office with joggers, that just won’t fly. If you decide to rock joggers in a corporate environment, you’ve gotta pick the right footwear – a chunky heel, your go-to pumps, or even a fun pair of oxfords – the shoes you decide to wear with your joggers make or break the outfit.

Shop Joggers:

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