Eight Year Wedding Anniversary Q&A

After eight years of wedded bliss (ha!) today the fella is making a guest appearance on Fabulously Average with a relationship Q&A!

 photo 42D9CFB8-F288-45A7-A952-F79787BA7D48_zpsziihn0ir.jpgYesterday Kevin and I celebrated our eight year wedding anniversary! Crazy to think that we’ve spent the last 11 years (+ dating) by each other’s side! I thought it would be fun to do a little anniversary Q&A so that y’all can learn a little more about us. Now that we’ve been together for over a decade (including dating), it’s pretty safe to say that I know Kevin almost as well as I know myself. He’s seriously one of the best people I know! As for how we’re celebrating, y’all already know we are on our annual anniversary trip eating our way thought Asheville, NC. Sadly, we’re heading home tomorrow but we’re excited to be reunited with our tiny humans. Cheers to many more anniversaries together!

I took to Instagram to ask y’all to submit questions and here are some of the questions I received from YOU! Thanks to everyone who submitted – enjoy!
 photo E221AF35-3280-46DB-9C93-71970C15B30A_zpsiyikmt9n.jpgWhat do you remember about the first time you met?

Joanne: We met at a Halloween party. I honestly don’t even remember what his costume was, it probably included sweats. He wore a lot of sweats back then, even in public, and I remember being put off by that. But I do recall he had a good smile!

Kevin: I remember my Halloween party. She was wearing a lady bug outfit or something. I remember the party but nothing really about meeting her.

Joanne: I’m pretending I’m not hurt about not being memorable…

What’s the best part about your relationship?

Joanne: I think the best part is that we’re friends, first and foremost. He’s always been a great friend to me, even in the beginning, and I  know I can always count on him. I can always be myself around him and know that he’ll never judge me.

Kevin: Probably that we’re understanding to each other and don’t get too upset at each other.

Use three words to describe each other.

Joanne: Quiet, sarcastic, genuine.

Kevin: Beautiful, sexy, strong.

What is your favorite things about each other?

Joanne: He’s the greatest guy I know. He’s sincere and will never be fake – you get what you get with him and I admire that he’s always firm in who he is. He’s the guy that will remember the servers name at a restaurant and will address them by their name the entire time. I love that about him!

Kevin: I guess that she thinks she’s funny. Her thinking she’s funny makes me laugh so in theory, she is actually funny.
 photo 986F6AC9-095F-458E-809E-F7655D7F1A38_zpsbhiov6ig.jpgWhat annoys you the most about each other?

Joanne: This list could be as long as the list with all the reasons I love him but it doesn’t mean I love him any less! He snores and get’s annoyed if you wake him to ask him to be quiet (insert eye roll). He also get’s so consumed with his video games that sometimes he forget’s the kids or I are around. The mere fact that he still plays video games is probably at the top of my list tho, LOL.

Kevin: That she’s impatient. She gets upset when you don’t respond to her immediately, and she overreacts quickly to any and all situations. The impatience has rubbed off on the kids too.

Describe your ideal date night.

Joanne: Simple – dinner and a movie. It reminds me of a time, before the kids, when we’d just enjoy each other’s company. We’re also movie buffs and self-proclaimed foodies, so we revel in out basic dinner and a movie date nights.

Kevin: I don’t know, probably dinner and a movie. It simple and I like simple.

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