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Hello October

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” ― L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

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Dress via Gap (similar) | Denim Jacket | Similar Booties | Similar Hat | Similar Backpack

It’s hard to believe that September came and went. I feel like I spent the majority of the month complaining about the weather – it was either too hot or too rainy, there was no in-between. But I digress because it is now my favorite month of the year, OCTOBER!

The month is already kicking off to a great start! Tomorrow I’ll be going to the Maroon 5 concert with some girlfriends and I’m so excited! Words cannot describe how pumped I am to be in the same room as Adam Levine, LOL! It’s like a pre-show to the Super Bowl! All weekend I’ve been contemplating about what I’ll be wearing to the concert. I think I’ve settled on these faux leather leggings, this camo tee, this oversized denim jacket, this hat and my Vans. But there’s still plenty of time for me to change my mind. HA!
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Also, later this week the fella and I are leaving on our annual anniversary trip and this year we’re heading to Ashville, NC! It’s the one trip of the year we make sure happens since we rarely ever take vacation and are always desperate to spend kid-free time together. Last year we went to Charleston, SC and had an amazing time! You can read my travel guide here. Be sure to be following along on Instagram for a behind the scenes look at the trip! I’m also planning on pulling together a travel guide so stay tuned for that.

I have a lot of work to cram into this week before I leave on PTO and I’m dreading coming back to an inbox full of emails but there is light at the end of the tunnel! I have to remember that time off is needed in order to recharge and come back better than ever. Can I get an amen!?
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Get the Look:

Dress via Gap (similar) | Denim Jacket | Similar Booties | Similar Hat | Similar Backpack

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