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I think we can all agree that we’re all works in progress. There is always room for improvement. This year I’ve been working hard to become a better version of myself. Here’s how.

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Are you tired of me telling you that last year was a rough one for me yet? With all of the chaos, somewhere along the way I lost sight of the person I was meant to become. Now, I’m not saying I’m anywhere near becoming that person quite yet but I do try to take small, intentional steps daily that will hopefully help me to become a better person. Life motto: Progress not perfection.
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Be selfish. Sounds counter intuitive, huh, but sometimes being selfish is the answer to helping others. For instance, by being selfish with your time, you are better preparing yourself to help those around you. Sometimes when my tank is on empty, I have to be picky with those I give my time and energy to (priority: family) in order to refill my tank. Once I’m fully charged and ready to go, the commitments I passed on get my full attention versus what they would have gotten had I not taken time to hit the refresh button.

Be grateful. It’s easy to take advantage of all the fantastic things we’ve been blessed with in our lives. But not everyone is as lucky as you may be. Often when I’m feeling down and out, I make it a point to step back and look at the bigger picture of my life. From there I can see all the blessing I’ve been given and take time to be thankful that I got to spend another day enjoying those blessings.

Find your why. In this day and age, comparison is a constant battle. I struggle with this on the daily so I’ve learned to ask myself why I’m here on this earth. Sounds corny but it really helps regroup my thoughts and reminds me about what’s really important. Remembering my why also reminds me that my purpose is not the same as the person I’m comparing myself to, so why do it at all.
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Jumpsuit | Similar Denim Jacket | Sandals via Old Navy (old) | Crossbody 

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