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Why I’m Excited to Enter a New Season

This time of the year has a tendency to jump start my creativity, my wiliness for change and a myriad of other fun, new things!

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Please take this as your seasonal reminder that we are entering a time for new and fresh beginnings! Is it just more or does Fall have an effect on my productivity and willingness for change. It’s seriously the only time of the year, other than the New Year, that I open myself up to new possibilities, as well as take it as a time to get ish done! Something about this time of the year gives me the confidence to take on new challenges and try new things. Maybe it’s the crisp, cool air or the reminder that a new year will soon be approaching, nevertheless, Fall has a tendency to get me in a different state a mind.
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I love to leverage the momentum that Fall brings and use the time to hit refresh on my life. I take this time to look back on how far I’ve come in the current year and reevaluate my goals for the remainder of the year. Maybe it’s the seasonal change that helps me get my bearings to finish the year strong, regardless, Fall gives me (and you!) a chance to start anew.

Because I’m apt to hit the refresh button during this time of the year, I also take it as an opportunity to switch up my style! Any reason is a good reason to reexamine and reinvent your personal style, am I right?! If you’re a long time reader of FabAve then it comes as no surprise that Fall fashion is my favorite fashion! I love that the addition of layers gives me a chance to get creative with my wardrobe – pair a dress with jeans, style a wrap dress as a kimono – the creative possibilities are endless! This time of the year gets my creative juices going, especially when it comes to my personal style, and I don’t hate it!

So tell me, does Fall have the same effect on you? If so, tell me your favorite thing about this time of the year in the comments below. If not, what season makes you feel anew?
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Cardigan | Cami | Shorts | Mules | Tote | Natalie Borton Earrings

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