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Theodore – 24 Months

We officially have a two year old! Recapping Theodore LeRoy’s 24th month of life and saying farewell to the Monthly Update series.

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And just like that, we’ve got ourselves a two year old! I’m not going to lie, I’m a little sad about hitting the milestone. In part because this is the smallest Theo will ever be, but also because I know this is our last baby. While I mentally rushed his first year because of my battle with postpartum depression, this second year was a gift from God.

Theodore LeRoy Mason is the happiest toddler you’ll meet! Just this weekend my father-in-law and I talked about how happy he always is and that, while Remy wasn’t much different, the way Theo can lift your spirits is special. You can already tell that he’ll have a kind nature as he gets older and that he’ll be a sweet kid. I hope that that gentleness never leaves him.

For your awareness, this will be Theo’s last Monthly Update post. With Remy I discontinued the series when she turned two and I’ve decided to do the same with the tiniest Mason. I’m brainstorming ideas on how to incorporate Theo-centric posts moving forward and haven’t come up with anything yet. Remy has the Mother/Daughter style series; I’m thinking that with Theo I’ll focus on parenting type posts but we’ll see.
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Vocabulary/Talking: Homeboy is talking up a storm, enough so that others other than Kevin and myself understand his ramblings! Theo’s vocabulary has really expanded in the last month. I wish I could remember all of the words/phrases/sentences he’s uttered the last few weeks, he’s getting so good at communicating his wants and needs!

New additions include: cold, Theo, bowl, chip, face, look, fruit cup, pillow, move, what, tower, again, kitchen, tickle, fire, orange, coffee, and pink. There is so much more but unfortunately it’s not coming to me. He’s getting really good at stringing words together to make coherent sentences like: bath time, Theo do it, my turn, don’t do that, more please, what mommy, I love you too, Theo have that, and much more!
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Eating: We seriously questions if Theo is our kid, he loves healthy foods so much! Most recently he’s been introduced to cherry tomatoes and he’s a big fan. I had a salad and he ate all the tomatoes without question. But he’s also my child and loves chips and french fries! Theo’s getting really great at feeding himself, especially with a fork which makes dinner time a lot easier these days.

Napping/Sleeping: We’ve been blessed with babies that sleep rather well. However with Remy, shortly after she turned two putting her to bed was a difficult matter and I’m scared the same thing goes down with Theo. Right now he sleeps great, from 8pm to roughly 7am (11 hours) with mild fussing in-between (nothing a pacifier wouldn’t help). He does take a bottle to go down so I’m anticipating that that’s when the change will happen, if it does. Wish us luck!

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Growth/Health/Development: Little guy weighs a whopping 30 pounds and is 35 inches long! At his 2yr wellness check-up today he got his last HepA shot and also got his flu shot for the year. Theo is in size 6 diapers, wears size 6/7 in shoes and wears 24 month clothing.

If you following me on IG Stories than you know that just in time for his second birthday, Theo had an accident at daycare yesterday and we immediately got called to take him to urgent care. Apparently he was chasing after a friend, tripped and face-planted. The poor boy required three stitches. He’s a champ and doesn’t appear to be in pain but he’s currently sporting a nice scar on the bridge of his nose. 

Developmentally I don’t even know where to begin. Theo is getting so smart! I always feel like we might have wronged him by not spending as much time reading or learned as we did with Remy but he’s getting there. I just gotta stop comparing. He can count to 10 but usually skips 1-3 which is odd. He’s getting better at reciting his ABCs, understands the difference between hot and cold and loves to jump off everything!


    • Green smoothies are his favorite
    • Theo ate french fries from the trash and thought it was the funniest thing on earth
    • Can say his name and recognizes himself in the mirror
    • Got a haircut and didn’t cry for the first time
    • When you say, “Theo” he responds with, “What?”
    • When he wants to wipe his face he’ll say “face”
    • New nickname thanks to grandma – Thee-adorable!
    • Loves: Dora the Explorer, Teletubbies, watermelon, reading books, puzzles and building towers
    • Went bowling for the first time and had a ball

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My dear boy, sometimes you’re sweet, sometimes you’re sour but either way you keep life so interesting! Happy 2nd birthday my sweet boy! Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back! You make everything in this world so much better:)

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