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What I Pack in My Gym Bag

Here are the top 10, non-obvious, essentials I pack in my gym bag, and a breakdown of what to look for in the perfect gym bag!

 photo 13942E2B-10B5-47F3-8B44-C6020E5A1955_zpsxkie93kj.jpgThis post has been highly requested. I frequently post about my mid-day or after work gym sessions on Instagram and get tons of questions about what I pack in my gym bag. Because I head to the gym immediately after work, and sometime during my lunch break, I’ve learned to come equipped with the right stuff (please tell me you got that reference…). I’ve had plenty of instances where I left something behind at home and regretted not being prepared, so I learned to pack the following essentials.

Before I jump right in, I have to talk about what to look for when getting the perfect gym bag. I own this one I purchased off of Amazon and it’s amazing! A few things to look in the ideal gym bag is a separate shoe compartment to keep that workout shoe smell quarantined; an additional compartment with waterproof plastic to store anything drenched in sweat; something with a shoulder strap, plenty of extra pockets, somewhere to store my water bottle, and a bag with durable material.

Gym Bags Under $35: 

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What I Pack in My Gym Bag

  1. Extra socks: I’ve forgotten to pack socks not once but twice. For all those times when I pack only one sock or forget them entirely, I make sure to have an extra pair in one of my hand extra pockets, just in case.
  2. Hair ties/headband: Am I the only person always looking for an extra hair tie? I always carry extra in my gym bag to keep hair from falling in my eyes, and a headband to prevent the strays from sticking to my sweaty face.
  3. Band-aids: I lift weights and having band-aids on hand in case of blisters is a must.
  4. Deodorant: No brainer. Do a quick swipe before and after a workout because duh.
  5. Workout Fuel: I always carry a stash of RX Bars in my gym bag just in case. Whether I’m experiencing pre- or post-workout hunger pangs, having a few healthy snacks on hand necessary.
  6. Hand Sanitizer: This isn’t necessarily a must because most gyms provide disinfectant wipes for cleaning machines, I like to sanitize after workouts.
  7. Face wipes: If I’m working out during my lunch break, face wipes are a must! Obviously makes me feel fresher and helps prevent acne.
  8. An extra set of headphones: Don’t you hate it when you forget to pack your headphones? I sure do which is why I always have an extra set in my gym bag. Also great for cardio workout machine TVs.
  9. Dry shampoo: Who doesn’t need an extra spruce up after an intense workout session? Also, helps for stinky gym hair.
  10. Tampons: You never know when Aunt Flow might hit so…

Other packables: water bottle, weight lifting gloves, fanny pack
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