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How to Prep Your Closet for Fall When it’s Still Warm Out

Pulling off Fall trends when it’s still hot out isn’t impossible, you’ve just gotta get creative! Sharing 4 tips for rocking Fall style when the temps are still high.

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Come September 1, all bets are off. With all of my might, that is when I begin to will Fall to makes its grand arrival. Unfortunately, here in in the South, Mother Nature has plans of her own. Just because the calendars say one thing doesn’t make it so. But I digress because pulling off the trends of the season is always possible, you’ve just gotta get a little creative! Here are a few ways to prepare your closet for Fall and create Instagram-worthy outfits while it’s still hot as Hades out!

Before I jump in, let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, I am rocking white after Labor day – sue me! Do people still abide by that old fashion rule because this gal sure doesn’t! This is just one of my favorite ways to rock a seasonal trend: rusty orange + white culottes = a fashion compromise that I don’t hate. Now to some tips!
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How to Prep Your Closet for Fall When it’s Still Warm Out

Pro Tip 1: Opt for cotton fabrics. Cotton is your best friends, especially when the tempts are at their highest. Fall is a great time to pile on the layers but when your weather app reads over 85 degrees, layers are the last thing on your mind. Breathable fabrics like cotton, rayon and chambray allow air to circulate and move freely through the fabrics, which makes that late summer/early fall heat bearable.

Pro Tip 2: Choose seasonal footwear, i.e. BOOTIES! My favorite thing about autumn is the shoe selection, namely ankle boots, aka booties. My collection is pretty expansive so there’s no hiding that I love a good pair of boots. They can be paired with pretty much any outfit, whether it be a skirt, dress, pants or shorts. A pair of low-cut ankle boots with the quintessential fall colors is an excellent way to stay on trend while combating high temps.
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Pro Tip 3: Go for the jewel tones. If the heat is on and the layers are packed away, style up pieces with fall’s quintessential colors. Think olive green, mustard yellow, maroon, and cognac! While the lack of layers may say it’s not quite autumn the seasonally appropriate color palette will say otherwise.

Pro Tip 4: Flannels are possible. If you’re anything like me, you think Fall your think flannels. It’s an iconic seasonal print, am I right?! Luckily, it comes in both thick and thin materials. Sport a thin flannel shirt with some distressed shorts and perforated booties and you’ve got a cute fall without overheating! Another great way to style flannel is to wrap it around your waist or even leave it unbuttoned.
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