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Knowing Your Worth

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I recently read this post by fellow blogger Dana Mannarino of The Champagne Edit about finding her worth within the industry, and it got me thinking – am I worth it as a blogger?

I’ve been blogging here on Fabulously Average since 2011. That’s seven whole years of dedicating my time, my energy, and my money into a site that has evolved right alongside with me. I’ve had up years (BuzzFeed was my biggest claim to fame!), and I’ve had down years (posting consistently while suffering from depression was rough), but all in all this little space of the Internet has been all mine. FabAve has taught me so much about business, developing compelling content, editing, but more importantly it has taught me about gaging my worth.

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As the sole woman behind the blog, with no representation other than myself, it is up to me to negotiate my worth to brands and businesses. There are months where I work hard to reach out to brands to collaborate, and there are also times where they come to me to establish a partnership. Whether I am initially selling myself and the blog, or if they already seem interested in what I’ve got to offer, there is always compensation negotiation involved. And friends, for me, this part sucks.

Why do I think negotiating my worth sucks so bad? Well because I’m not quite sure of my worth, to be frank with y’all. Yes, I’ve been blogging for almost a decade, yet I don’t nearly get as much blog or social media engagement as my peers. I immediately count that as a strike against me. Same goes with page views and anything else that determines how many people actually enjoy FabAve content. But that’s the thing about selling yourself, while you should account for the others within your industry, you shouldn’t compare apples to apples. At the end of the day, your story isn’t the same as the next persons and that’s what I’m coming to realize when negotiating with brands.

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My story is unique to me. My engagement may not be the best, but my story does reach people and those people come back to FabAve day in and day out because it connects with them. Those are the readers I blog for. I invest time, energy and my personal funds to develop branded content just like the next blogger, so I should be compensated for that work too. Sure, it may not be the big bucks but I am worth more than free product. Free product doesn’t pay the bills. I will admit, there are some brands that I do lower my rates for or accept product for my services, but those instances are determined at my discretion.

ALLLLLL of that to say – if you are developing content or providing services of any kind – know your worth. You are worth it, regardless of engagement, statistics, etc. You are worth something, both in business and in life.

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