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Theodore – 23 Months

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One more month and I’ll have a two year old. Whaaaat? When did that happen? I’m in total shock. But what brings me down more than anything is that this is the smallest our little man will ever be. And that this may be our last baby. Yes, “may be”. I’m still not convinced I’m done adding to our family;) But that topic is for another day.

Vocabulary/Talking: Theo is such a little chatter box! He’s stringing along 3-4 word sentences so well – Kevin, Remy and I are pretty good at deciphering what he’s telling us but anyone else has a some trouble. It’s so cute to hear his little voice speak to us and pretend to have conversations, it swells my heart!

A few new words and phrases little man added to his repertoire in the last month include: mommy here, Remy sleep, wake up!, hot, okay, hug, bite, Jeopardy (favorite show), I love you mommy, arm, knees, belly, Theo do it, my turn, and much more that I can’t remember right now.

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Eating: Kevin thinks it’s hilarious that Theo is a fairly healthy eater. He loves almost anything healthy, or like Kevin likes to call it, anything he doesn’t eat, LOL! He loves anything green: salad, broccoli, green beans, sugar snap peas – if it’s green Theo will eat it. It’s so funny! He absolutely loves peanut better jelly sandwiches, too!

Napping/Sleeping: Nothing to report, homeboy is sleeping and napping rather well! His bedtime is 8 p.m. and he typically wakes up between 6:45 and 7:30 a.m. On the weekends he’s pretty good at letting us sleep in which is awesome! Otherwise I have nothing spectacular to report.

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Growth/Health/Development: Unlike all the sickness from last month, this month the little guy has had a great bill of health! We haven’t had to deal with anything major, and compared to last month, that’s a big win. He did get bit by a bug and had a pretty gnarly scabby patch but it didn’t cause any allergic reaction this time. No growth stats this month but I will definitely have something for y’all next month for his 24 month check-up!

Little guy is understanding so much. Giving him commands or asking him questions is getting so easy! He’s becoming a full-fledged toddler and I don’t think I’m ready! Well, I am ready because it makes tons of daily tasks a little easier, but he’s no longer acting like a baby. Theo is feeding himself and does really well with a folk and spoon. Tiny man also has an opinion when putting on his shoes! He asks to put them on, even if we aren’t leaving the house, and has a favorite pair. It’s adorable!

Theo is getting so good at counting! You can now understand what he’s saying when you count and goes up to 10. He’s also getting really good at the ABCs! I’ve been trying to count and sing the alphabet more frequently so that he get’s better!

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  • He scolds you if you punish him. If I’m the one doing the punishing, he’ll cry over to daddy and tattle, and vice versa.
  • He like’s to chant “smoothie, smoothie, smoothie” when we’re waiting for dad to make it back to the car with our order.
  • When I ask for a beso (kiss in Spanish), he obliges!
  • You can always find this little man dancing if there is music on.
  • We took the kids to Topgolf and Theo sure enjoyed a club in his hands, which daddy was proud of!
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